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Why Public Relations is “Tech”nically Important

Walker Sands

Walker Sands

As the tech scene continues to grow, startups are popping up across the country. Along with new startups and tech companies, the need for tech PR grows. Now, more than ever, the market is demanding experienced public relations professionals who have tech industry know-how. So what is it about public relations that appeals to tech companies?

Here are 5 reasons why PR and tech are a great pair:

  1. Technology companies are tenacious researchers who continuously generate new ideas and insights. Public relations professionals monitor the media and know how to position tech companies as thought-leaders. With public relations, these companies gain industry recognition for the work they’re already doing.
  2. Many tech companies have highly complex products and services. Tech PR pros understand this complexity and are able to communicate their dense messages clearly. After all, reporters are more likely to pick up a story idea if the information is presented in a concise and compelling way. The complexity of tech businesses makes them ideal prospects for the messaging advice of PR pros.
  3. The knowledge of tech company leaders is news in itself. Reporters appreciate experts who can add value to their articles. Whether their expertise is in big data, cybersecurity or eCommerce, PR helps company leaders connect to outlets where their insights are valued.
  4. Since tech enthusiasts are well-connected on social networks, tech companies need to be too. For those tech companies who don’t have the time to develop content and monitor their own social media pages, public relations professionals can help them build a loyal brand following.
  5. New technology companies and startups need support and funding to continue to grow. By establishing their reputation with placements in top tier publications, tech companies gain high-visibility with industry influencers.

In short, public relations is vital for technology companies who want to establish their reputation, gain visibility for their products or services, and be viewed as industry leaders. PR is not only important for start-up tech companies, it is essential for their continued growth.

If you work for a tech company, how else have you found PR has added value to your business?