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Why College Students Should Go Digital

Katie Donabedian

Katie Donabedian

With another school year underway, graduation and the dreaded internship search are on every college student’s mind. Last spring, with my senior year ahead, I was in search of something exciting and different. I knew I had been given a unique opportunity when I found my SEO internship at Walker Sands. Since then, I’ve been convinced that digital is the way to go.


Here are the reasons why digital internships should top your list:

1. We Grew up With It

Being the first generation to use the internet since childhood, we are used to adapting to technology changes quickly. This puts us a step ahead when keeping up with ever-changing industries like SEO, SEM and web development.

2. Everyone Is Talking About It

Check out Mashable‘s articles on any given day, and you will read a ton about new technology and all things digital. People in the advertising, marketing and PR industries are talking about digital, and getting in on the conversation is important. The industry is always evolving, so even your teachers will want to know more about what you learned – which is great because they can refer you to their networks!

3. It Sets Your LinkedIn Profile Apart

Remember that your classmates are your competition for jobs after graduation. Digital and tech internships are rare, so they will set your resume apart. Recruiters will even come to you if you have the unique skills they are looking for.

4. You Can Actually Get a Job!

According to a study by LinkedIn, there has been a 25% growth in Internet-related jobs since 2007. Even better, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 44% job growth for market research analysts by 2020, and 14% growth is expected for marketing managers, mainly those specializing in digital. All of that growth means more opportunities down the road.

If I have convinced you that digital marketing is awesome, my next advice is to start reading up on hot topics like SEO, and take as many digital marketing courses as you can. Then check out Walker Sands’ open positions, and keep an eye out for upcoming internship opportunities in digital marketing and tech PR.