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Digital Strategy In Need of An Update? Consider These 4 Tactics

Caroline Black

Caroline Black

Whether you are creating a digital strategy from scratch or looking to update an existing plan, there are a handful of go-to tactics involving content, social media, pay-per-click advertising, and analytics to turn to in your time of need. Researching, developing, and executing against these tactics will require time and testing, but when done correctly will ultimately produce results typically in the form of leads and customers.

If you are just getting started with digital or looking for some basic ways to refresh your strategy, here are four tactics to create and evaluate current efforts:

  • Create New, SEO-Friendly Content
  • Refresh Your Social Media Presence
  • Take Advantage of AdWords
  • Leverage Analytics to Inform A/B Testing

Create New, SEO-Friendly Content

Creating new content is one of the easiest ways to refresh digital efforts while improving SEO. That said, the content you create can’t be thrown together without research. It needs to be mapped to relevant keywords for your business and include an SEO-friendly title as this will directly impact its quality score and authority ranking. The content can take any form – a thought leadership article or blog, a response to an industry trend, or a sidebar piece to an existing article – but be sure to include the researched keywords in the first 100 words of the article in order to follow best practices and get the credit your business deserves.

Refresh Your Social Media Presence

If you’re bored with your social presence, chances are, your audience is too. One way to refresh your social media platforms is to make note of and follow brands that are considered social innovators, because regardless of industry there is a way to leverage these trends and bring your brand’s personality to life through your platforms. To start – evaluate your content sources and ask yourself these questions: Are we only communicating about ourselves? How can we differentiate our sources and formats? Do we include video or other engaging graphics? Outside of content, start conversations with influencers, perform industry scans for relevant topics, and offer insight on articles that are relevant to your brand. The beauty of social is you can try, try, and try again in order to find the right mix of content and the appropriate tone for your audience. Plus, you have the added benefit of platform analytics, which takes the guesswork out of what’s working and what’s not.

Take Advantage of AdWords

When implemented correctly, AdWords can make a big difference to your company’s digital efforts, as it is one of the most effective methods of online advertising. It is used by business of all sizes and across various industries to increase leads and customers. Another benefit of AdWords is the option to have a flexible budget – you can spend as a little or as much as you would like and still see results or at the very least gain an understanding of how your audience is searching. Similar to SEO efforts, AdWords is a bit of a science and it will take time to evolve your keyword research and strategy to yield results. If you stick with it, Google will reward you with an increase in visitors (leads) to your site. 

Leverage Analytics to Inform A/B Testing

Every digital strategy is rooted in and driven by analytics. Google Analytics, social media, and AdWords are all great resources to inform and improve your digital efforts. One of the most important things to do with your analytics is to employ A/B testing. Whether it’s testing different messaging or imagery on social or what time of day is best to post, you can use incoming data to inform your A/B Testing strategy — comparing two versions of the same outreach effort – or inform new campaigns. Ultimately, A/B testing is a great way to get a better understanding of your audience.