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A Summer at Walker Sands – Part 2

Holly Stehlin

Summer is flying by and it’s hard to believe that our second group of interns has already completed half of their internship!  Just like our first group, these five ladies are learning the ropes when it comes to B2B PR.  Check out their thoughts below.

Lauren Eiden

Lauren-EidenThey may call this an internship, but make no mistake it feels much more like an entry level job. From day one, Walker Sands threw us into the daily routine of our account teams and gave us similar responsibilities to that of a media relations specialist. While each day is different and exciting, typical job assignments include writing press releases, creating media list and sending out original pitches, which in turn helps me create personal relationships with journalists at multiple publications. Walker Sands is what good public relations is all about. Also, working at a place with an awesome social culture doesn’t hurt either. Landing this internship was just the start of what has become a rewarding summer. Landing media placements was when the real fun began. I can’t wait to see what exciting opportunities present themselves throughout the rest of my internship!

Katie Canning

Katie-CanningThroughout my last year in college, my journalism professors constantly stressed the idea that working in PR was "going over to the dark side." Students choosing that path kept their post-grad career plans to themselves. At that point, I was ready to jump ships. When thinking back on my first couple of weeks here, two ideas clearly stand out. The first being--PR shouldn't be labeled as cloudy or mischievous! Indeed, journalism and PR do have their distinct attributes; yet, both value the written word. After observing and writing pieces of my own to send to either reporters or clients, it's clear Walker Sands works extremely hard to implement high standards and produce honest content. It was refreshing to see how each team works together like a well oiled machine, always taking into consideration each other's ideas and suggestions. Second, Walker Sands is brag worthy in more ways than one. From the beginning, I knew WS had a great reputation. Now I know why. Each employee brings a different set of skills to the table, making the pack that much stronger. I really appreciate that I get to learn from such a well-rounded, intelligent group. Excited for the second half!

Maggie McLaughlin

Margaret-McLaughlinI have always been a big proponent of the it’s not what you do but who you work for adage. Cheesy, yes, but past experiences have taught me to value a positive working environment.  

With no background in technology, my placement on the Enterprise Software and Professional Services (ESPS) team was intimidating at first. Fast forward six weeks and I am writing articles about software I never knew existed. The steep learning curve challenged me to play catch up, a task made immensely easier with the help of my team. I consider myself lucky to be enjoying both what I am doing and who I am working with this summer at Walker Sands. And the view from the 39th floor doesn't hurt either!

Abby Beasley

Abby-BeasleyMy first six weeks at Walker Sands has been an exciting and generous learning experience supported primarily by the corporate team and a little bit more by the Snax Kaizen. Working as a sales & marketing intern, I have enjoyed the opportunities of seeing both client-facing processes and internal strategies. The sales & marketing executives have been so willingly transparent which has given me a great deal of insight to the B2B tech space they work in --  a space I previously had minimal knowledge of. Over the next few weeks, I will look forward to continuing to learn about the clients WS services and participating in the summer events that are all part of the Walker Sands culture.

Arielle Chase

Arielle-ChaseComing to Walker Sands, I didn’t know much about what B2B tech was like. And I’ll be honest, during the first week when I was getting a crash course on the types of clients we work with, I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to fully understand the B2B tech world. But six weeks later I have a completely different understanding and attitude about the industry. I’m reading news that I never thought I would be and truly finding it interesting, much to my surprise. I’ve been able to work on some large projects and seeing the behind-the-scenes work that goes into finalizing a study and getting placements is eye-opening and inspiring. In addition, I’ve met some really great people, both interns and full-timers, who have made the first six weeks really fun. I actually enjoy coming to work, who would have thought? In the next six weeks, I’m looking forward to getting more exposure to new projects and assignments as well as just gaining a well-rounded look at the PR industry.

Interested in joining our team?  We are currently accepting applications for our fall internship which will begin on September 26th.