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A Summer at Walker Sands – Part 1

Holly Stehlin

Our first group of summer interns has hit the halfway mark! Over the past six weeks, they’ve been perfecting their media relationships, learning all about digital marketing and improving their research and writing skills. It hasn’t taken long for our summer interns to adapt to Walker Sands’ fast-paced environment and to understand their respective clients. Not to mention they’ve done a great job of immersing themselves in the Walker Sands culture!

Check out their thoughts on their internships so far:

Kelsey Chengkelsey cheng

Reading is key. B2B tech is not as intimidating as I first thought, and I have my inner bookworm to thank for that. Where I go to for news hasn’t changed too much. I definitely find myself heading towards the business and tech section more, but I’ve seen significant changes in why I read certain articles and how much I’m reading. Watching TV has actually also helped me understand the tech side of our clients! This may be my personal rationalization for binge watching “Silicon Valley,” but explaining words like ‘Saas’ and ‘enterprise solution’ to friends helps me learn, too. So, in the next six weeks I’m going to continue to read, read, read! And finish watching “Silicon Valley” - for learning purposes, of course.

Rachel Lira

rachel liraThe six weeks of this internship under my belt have taught me a ton, but one of my favorites is the importance of proactiveness. Walker Sands’ “learn, support, do” model was evident from my first day here, and I really appreciate that interns are also given the opportunity to embrace that standard. As I learn more about the clients and the daily work of PR, thinking beyond the present has become much easier and more automatic, and so has speaking up in meetings and contributing pitch ideas. Thanks for a great first half!

Peter Moglia

peter mogliaAs the first social media intern, the internship program is still a work in progress. There’s quite an upside to that though, in that the program’s training can be tailored according to what I’d find useful. Building upon this, the open office culture is hugely beneficial to my learning: everyone is willing to sit down and talk about the challenges and responsibilities they face in their role, what drew them to working in B2B tech PR and other things an intern figuring out their next career move would want to know. In addition to that, informational presentations and lunch-and-learns help interns get a broader knowledge of the tech PR world as a whole. Over the next few weeks, I’m looking forward to working on a long-term business development project and engaging my research skills in a real-world context.

Taylor Neuffer

taylorMy internship experience thus far has been fun, fast-paced and full of learning experiences. More than anything, I have enjoyed working in an environment that expects you to learn and grow within an expertise. Everyone is so willing to lend a hand if you need something, which is very encouraging for an intern like me that is just starting out. In the next six weeks, I am looking forward to contributing even more to my clients by securing great opportunities. While sometimes it can be a grind putting together monster media lists or drafting countless pitches, nothing beats that feeling of landing an awesome interview or byline opportunity!

Katie Prattkatie pratt

The past six weeks have been humbling yet exciting. I appreciate that every piece of constructive criticism comes with a helping hand and word of encouragement. Agency life is completely new to me but my team’s support (hey retail tech!) has catalyzed my growth tenfold. I think the part I’ve enjoyed the most is the lack of red tape around tasks and teams. Whether it’s writing a byline or grabbing coffee with someone from content, my team gives me the opportunity to try new things and hone in on my skills.

Tanner Walters

tanner waltersThe last six weeks have really been a crash course in writing for me. It's one thing to write a paper or a blog post from your own voice but very different to take on the voice of a client. You have to ditch your ego and be willing to take edits and keep learning every day, because you can always be better.

I'm also learning to be confident and dive into whatever task I'm working on (even when I have no clue what I'm doing). B2B Tech clients are challenging, and it takes a while to learn each client's industry and how they all communicate. But to start, you just have to roll your sleeves up and trust that you can figure it out.

Check back soon to hear from our second group of summer interns!