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Our talented professionals assist our clients with in a wide array of areas, including strategic counsel, positioning programs, product launches, web site design and development, SEO, PR, crisis management, investor and analyst relations, media training, and corporate communications.

Our team is frequently interviewed by the media on these and other related topics. Here are some of the things we've talked about recently:

PR Daily

Christine Pietryla on "5 reasons women are effective PR leaders"

"While women have made major strides in the workforce in the past few years, they hold on average fewer senior level positions than their male counterparts. This is even more striking in PR. Although nearly 80 percent of the public relations industry is comprised of women, about four out of every five leadership positions are held by men." Read more...


Tim Morral on "No More Fairy Tales: Using Analytics To Improve Brand Storytelling"

"Every brand has a story to tell. That’s a familiar mantra in content marketing circles. But what you don’t hear very often is that a lot of the brand stories that are being told are fairy tales—wishful fictions that fail to connect the right messages with the right audiences." Read more...

Ragan's PR Daily

Andrew Cross on "6 ways to ensure your message sticks in the minds of your audience"

"You might have heard of the "SUCCES" acronym before. Each letter refers to a principle of effective communication, or more specifically, a way to get your message and its meaning to stick in the minds of your audience." Read more...

Ragan's PR Daily

Andrew Cross on "Working in your PJs: How to determine if freelancing is the right fit for you"

"Freelancing can seem like a glamorous gig: Wake up late, avoid the long commute, and work in your pajamas from your comfy arm chair. But freelancing isn't for everyone; if you're considering a transition from employee to contractor, take a look at the following checklist to find out if you're cut out for the task. Read more...

Ragan's PR Daily

Andrew Cross on "Salvation Army Tulsa apologizes for tweet about #towerguy"

"Few people would argue that it's a bad thing for companies to have a handle on what's going on in the world. In fact, tying products and promotions to current events can be a successful marketing strategy. But, once in a while, an organization goes a bit too far down the road of self-promotion and ends up offending its audience. Read more...

Business Insider

Andrew Cross and Daniel Laloggia on "Google's Panda Update Changed The Playing Field"

"So what happens when Google alters their search ranking algorithms – which they do often – and you find your website and your business are now collateral damage under the sanitized term "metrics." Read more...

Ragan's PR Daily

Andrew Cross on "Wikipedia: 4 rules of engagement for PR professionals"

"As PRSA chair and CEO Rosanna Fiske said recently, Wikipedia editors have a love/hate relationship with public relations – and for good reason. A select few corporations and PR firms have been crossing ethical boundaries for years to edit the world's seventh-most-popular website. Read more...

Ragan's PR Daily

Emily Johnson on "How four major brands are using Foursquare"

"The location-based social networking platform Foursquare has been making a splash since its 2009 inception. In 2010 alone, the company grew an unprecedented 3,400 percent, with "check-ins" in every single country on the globe and even one from space, according to this infographic. Read more...

Gen Wise Perspective

Chicago PR firm team member on "Can you ever stop learning?"

"No. The minute you start thinking that you have nothing left to learn is the minute you become a quitter. It's not possible to know it all. If you think so, you're never going to improve yourself. Your journey on the road to become an invaluable employee, friend, partner, family member, etc. has just ended. Boo."  Read more...

Social Times

Walker Sands social media and PR expert on "10 Things Social Media Marketers Should Know About Millennials"

"The most important aspect of making an impact on Millennials is to first understand who we are.There are many articles out there trying to do this but ironically they're not written by Millennials." Read more...

Flack Me

One of our Chicago PR experts on "Blurring the Lines of PR"

"Media can fall into one of three categories: paid, earned, and owned. It used to be very cut and dry: advertising was paid media, PR was earned media, and your company website was media you owned. Now, thanks to the world of social media, these lines are harder to distinguish." Read more...

Social Times

Chicago PR agency Walker Sands on "One-to-One Marketing, Social Media and Millennials"

"Like any other Friday afternoon, I was tired and dragging a bit. I seriously needed a caffeine boost and took to Twitter to share that need. That tweet launched me into a unique one-to-one marketing experience." Read more...

Flack Me

One of our marketing experts on "Chicago PR Firm Golin Harris Creates Lollapalooza App, Goes Mobile"

"Lollapalooza turned 20 this year and threw an all-weekend bash to celebrate. The songs, the style, and the larger-than-life stages all turned up the heat in honor of this iconic three-day music festival. This year Lollapalooza was more accessible than ever, allowing music fans and fest enthusiasts to get in on the fun without having to be there." Read more...

Business News Daily

Ken Gaebler, CEO, on "30 Big Ideas, Trends and Predictions for 2012"

"What's in store for small business in 2012? We asked small-business owners nationwide to tell us what trends and big ideas they think will take center stage next year. Here's what they had to say:" Read more...

Today's Chicago Woman

Walker Sands on "The Subject of Social Media"

"This month's issue of Today's Chicago Woman features Walker Sands' own Lauren Eichmann speaking on the subject of social media. Over the past year we've raised our visibility in Chicago for our effective social media strategy and a few notable campaigns." Read more...

Ragan's PR Daily

One of our public relations experts on "Avoid these 5 statements when pitching me, says tech writer"

"Recently, freelance tech writer Jeff Vance shared some great tips for how companies (and those in PR) can capture his attention. Vance contributes to publications like CIO Magazine, Network World, and Forbes." Read more...

WGN Radio 720

Mike Santoro, President, on "Damage Control"

Mike Santoro offers his expertise in crisis management concerning the Herman Cain and Penn State scandals.

iMedia Connection

Mike Santoro, President, on "SEO: Why a client loved a 10% drop in search traffic"

'Yesterday, the SEO team and I were reviewing our ongoing projects. "Up 15 percent, up 18 percent, up 27 percent, etc.Everything looked great until we started discussing what I'll call ABC Company."' Read more ...

Online Magazine Platform

Mike Santoro, President, on "The Powerful Influence of Passionate Fans"

"From the 1950s – when one had to get off the couch and manually change the channel on the TV – to 2011 – when we can watch TV on demand and online – TV shows and the roles their fan bases play have changed immensely." Read more ...


Mike Santoro, President, on "Advice For The PR Grad – Internships"

"If there was one thing that all of our PR pros could agree on it would be that experience is important. Grads should have some type of work experience under their belt before applying to their first post-college job." Read more ... 

USA Today

Mike Santoro, President, on "Some companies offering raises, bonuses while they can"

"While some employees may feel lucky just to have a job in this economy and have no expectations of a pay raise this year, there are employers who are offering workers not only double-digit raises, but bonuses as well." Read more ...

Fox News

Mike Santoro, President, on "No Bull Docs on McDonalds Marketing Debate"

 "Five o'clock at the big McDonald's in downtown Chicago and three busloads of sixth graders from Ohio file out the door after eating." Watch now ...

One Day One Job

PR internship coverage featuring "Walker Sands Communications"

"The other day I got a fantastic restaurant recommendation over Twitter, and yesterday the same person gave me a great recommendation on internships with the company that she works at." Read more ...


Walker Sands Communications on "Making the Case for Infographics in PR"

"Infographics are taking the Web by storm. Not the infographics pioneered by USA Today to make the news more exciting for people that don't like to read, but rather the so-long-you-need-to-scroll and so-darn-good-you-have-to-read-and-want-to-share kind." Read more ...

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