Program Highlights

  • LinkedIn
    • Website traffic from LinkedIn increased 216 percent
    • Weekly posts generate an average of 710 impressions
  • Facebook
    • Website traffic from Facebook increased 326 percent
    • Increased number of 'Likes' 10X
  • Twitter
    • Website traffic from Twitter increased more than 3,000 percent
    • Grew followers from 40 to 1,160
    • Twitter brand mentions jumped 175 percent

ThreatMetrix Social Media

Walker Sands Increases ThreatMetrix Website Traffic from Social Media by 282 Percent

ThreatMetrix is an integrated cybercrime prevention solution that helps companies protect customer data, accounts and payments. Leading global companies in a range of sectors, including e-commerce retailers, financial institutions, enterprises, social networks, and healthcare companies rely on ThreatMetrix's sophisticated authentication and fraud prevention solutions to secure payments and safeguard users.

The Problem

As a long-standing Walker Sands public relations client, ThreatMetrix wanted to expand its efforts to increase website traffic, raise awareness and position the organization as a thought leader in the cybercrime and fraud prevention space by augmenting its existing PR efforts with social media. The company engaged Walker Sands to launch and maintain its social media presence, and to leverage social media as a lead generation tool. Since ThreatMetrix previously had no social media presence, Walker Sands would need to build its social media presence from the ground up.

The Solution

At the start of the program, Walker Sands conducted a deep analysis of ThreatMetrix's competitors and target audiences to develop a brand persona that would serve as the common voice for all conversations and align messaging across platforms. The brand persona is top of mind for all social media activity, from posting content and sending tweets to engaging with followers. It also allows multiple people working on the social media account to generate content in a consistent tone across channels.

The social media program consisted of three phases of execution. During the first phase, Walker Sands focused on building a following on ThreatMetrix's key social media channels: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The second phase was dedicated to increasing engagement. The third phase aimed to increase website traffic and encourage user actions on

To reach ThreatMetrix's target audience and grow a loyal following on Twitter, Walker Sands created well-researched lists and interacted with key contacts, including cybersecurity experts, national and local Bay area journalists, bloggers, analysts and other industry influencers. Walker Sands regularly followed and liked users who follow and like cybersecurity publications, journalists and other experts on social media. Since these individuals were interested in ThreatMetrix's relevant and timely content, follower count increased along with engagement.

The Result

ThreatMetrix’s social media program was an unqualified success, generating a 282 percent increase in total website traffic coming from social media channels.

Website traffic from Twitter jumped more than 3,000 percent thanks to a combination of highly-engaging infographics and an active Twitter account that grew from 40 followers to 1,160 in one year. Additionally, ThreatMetrix captured a top share of voice relative to competitors, with 31 percent of all industry-related mentions on Twitter.

For LinkedIn, website traffic from the social platform increased by 216 percent year-over-year. 

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