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White paper 

In late 2015, our Martech practice team conducted a survey to 300+ marketers; inquiring on their behavior when making purchase decisions. This white paper holds our data findings including budget, timeline and team restraints. Download the State of Martech data study to uncover the New Martech Buyer Journey.  

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Looking for a quick visual on the New Martech Buyer Journey? In this explanatory graphic, we break out the steps through discovery and research to decision and purchase. Click below to expand. 

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Following the launch of The State of Marketing Technology 2016 study, Walker Sands hosted a corresponding webinar for a live discussion of the study’s findings. Presented by the Martech practice co-leads and study authors, Dave Parro and Sarah Dietze, the webinar offered an overview of the findings diving into data points based on timeline, title and technology. The duo also shared a suggested buyer journey map, walking through the process of discovery, research, decision and purchase. Click below to download. 

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Blog Posts 

Walker Sands Study Maps Out the New Martech Buyer Journey

When the Walker Sands' Martech practice team started working on The State of Marketing Technology 2016 Study, they weren’t surprised to find that martech decision-makers have a variety of needs during the different phases of the buyer journey — leaving sellers to approach them differently at each stage. What really jumped out at them from the findings, though, was the extent to which marketers have to penetrate the entire organization, including decision-makers and influencers, to close a deal.  

Study: Profiling the Typical Martech Buyer
With many involved in making martech purchase decisions and extensive research going into each decision before a salesperson is reached, marketers and sellers need to know who is making those decisions and the path that each takes to reach a purchase. The resulting report, The State of Marketing Technology 2016: Understanding the New Martech Buyer Journey, offers a glimpse into the thought process of every type of marketer involved in martech decisions. 

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