The Benefits of mCommerce Technology PR

Mobile commerce is a game changer for most brands. But to gain traction in the marketplace, tech providers need to leverage mCommerce technology PR strategies that connect with target audiences, ensuring that their latest mobile innovations capture the attention of both users and industry stakeholders.

At Walker Sands, we’ve been doing mCommerce technology PR since the beginning. We understand that promotional initiatives for mobile technologies require different strategies and tactics than public relations for other technology categories. As a result, it’s important to work with an mCommerce technology PR firm that is capable of aligning your mobile technology PR strategy with your organization’s desired outcomes and benefits.

Key Benefits of Effective mCommerce Technology PR

Not all mCommerce technology PR strategies are created equal. But when it’s done right, mCommerce technology PR can deliver several important benefits, creating competitive and business advantage for your organization.

  1. Seamless App Rollout Campaigns – The best mCommerce technology PR strategies deliver seamless app rollouts. Walker Sands has extensive experience with both one-off and multiple app rollouts, executing campaigns in which the launch of each new app builds on previous app coverage.
  2. Strong User Adoption – It’s no secret that the consumer app marketplace is becoming more crowded by the day. By targeting high visibility media outlets, mCommerce technology PR campaigns can play a vital role in capturing consumers’ attention and increasing technology adoption rates among key users.
  3. Improved Monetization – The monetization of consumer mobile technologies can be tricky. Successful mCommerce technology PR strategies can help promote your company to a consumer audience for increased user acquisition and a business audience to enlist partners.
  4. Thought Leadership for Enterprise Technology – On the B2B side, mCommerce technology PR delivers carefully developed thought leadership content to executive decision-makers, establishing your company’s credibility as a leader in enterprise-level mobile applications.
  5. Focused Messaging – In enterprise environment, mobile commerce technology messages need to be tailored to specific stakeholders within the organization, addressing the concerns and value propositions that are most important to each audience.

Selecting an mCommerce Technology PR Firm

The key to selecting an mCommerce technology PR firm is to focus on agencies that have proven experience in mCommerce tech and mobile app rollouts. Ideally, you should be looking for firms with a track record of mCommerce wins as well as established relationships with the media outlets that are important for gaining exposure in both the consumer and B2B marketplaces.

Walker Sands is a full service mCommerce technology PR firm with a reputation for providing innovative, research-driven public relations to consumer and business mobile commerce technology providers. Unlike other agencies, Walker Sands’ focus is to provide measurable business outcomes, enabling your organization to gauge the success of mCommerce technology PR investments at every stage of the process.

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