Ted Tae

Video Producer

Ted tae, Walker Sands

Ted is a Video Producer at Walker Sands. He creates and polishes original video content for in-house and client endeavors.

With a background in documentary-style visual storytelling, Ted spearheads Walker Sands' video efforts, handling all aspects of production for agency and client communications. Ted works closely with Walker Sands' marketing, social and design teams to ensure clients are pleased with the final product. 

Prior to joining Walker Sands, Ted held video and editorial internships at CNN and Al Jazeera English.

Ted graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism and political science from Northwestern University, where he was elected convocation speaker for his graduating class.

Q&A with Ted Tae

What TV or movie character best exemplifies you and why?

I have no idea why but Nick the fox from the 2016 animated hit Zootopia is the first thing name that came into mind.

What is your favorite place in Chicago that isn't a typical tourist destination?

This isn't exactly a place, but biking along the Lakefront Trail during the summer never gets old.

Would you rather have the office stocked 24/7 with Starbucks coffee or Garrett's popcorn?


One thing people wouldn't know about you is?

I once became really, really good friends with a raccoon that lived outside my apartment.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you live?

Maybe Hawaii.


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