Social Media Marketing

Social media can generate leads for any company, even a B2B tech company. Really.

There’s a lot of discussion about engaging audiences on social media and optimizing your online presence through social channels. But you just want to know is how social media can impact the bottom line.

Lead generation through social media is possible, even in a B2B setting. Your audiences are active on social media. They’re talking about your company, your products and services, your competitors and your industry. With the right approach, these channels can be used to drive ongoing conversations, Web traffic and even sales conversions. We have the results to prove it.

We have found social media to be an essential part of a multi-channel approach. Social allows for unique opportunities to keep your finger on the pulse of industry conversations, gaining insight into what influencers are saying and what media are writing about. PR is about engaging your audiences where they are, and consumers and businesses alike are using social media as a regular channel of communication.

Following are just a few of the ways we are equipped to help you get the most from your social efforts:

  • Identifying and engaging with the influencers in your space
  • Developing integrated campaigns that multiply results versus traditional PR alone
  • Creating and maintaining social media profiles
  • Drafting compelling social media content in your voice for different audiences
  • Designing specific lead generation campaigns to drive Web traffic and online conversions

We also use social media to amplify our PR efforts. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest are the social currency that helps measure the efforts of public relations. By identifying how many times a given article was shared and among whom, we can better target future opportunities where they will see the most impact.

A successful social media strategy is all about content, and PR is the content engine that drives your social media efforts. At Walker Sands, we believe an integrated approach of PR, social and search is more powerful than any one of those initiatives by itself.

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