Sales Executive - San Francisco Office

Walker Sands PR, a rapidly growing Chicago based agency specializing in strategy and communications programs for B2B technology companies, is seeking a mid-senior sales professional for our newly opened SOMA office in San Francisco.


Walker Sands works with both large Fortune 500 brands and startups, and in 2012 our agency was a finalist for both PRNews and Bulldog Reporter's Small Agency of the Year. We are aggressively looking for a strong, independent, well-connected individual to generate sales revenue primarily through winning new business in the Bay Area.

The successful candidate will be a seasoned sales professional who is disciplined, organized and assertive. Without direct supervision in the SF office, you will be required to prospect your own leads (although we expect some lead activity may be directed to you), meet with prospects, draw up proposals and negotiate final agreements. If you lack experience in these areas, regardless of industry, this position may not be the right fit for you. For example, candidates with backgrounds limited to inside sales lack the experience to be seriously considered for this position.

Preferred Experience

Ideally, we are looking for a candidate who understands marketing and in particular, PR (public relations). If forced to choose, we would prefer to hire a killer sales person who lacks knowledge of PR rather than a killer PR person who lacks a demonstrated ability to sell, since we know the industry can be learned relatively quickly.

One of the most important qualifications for this job is the attitude and disposition to work independently in a sales situation where compensation is determined by your ability to consistently close new business. In fact, attitude will be an important factor in the hiring process, so we encourage you to prepare a quality resume and showcase the strength of your communications and materials (e.g. emails, calls etc,) since we consider these to be true indicators of your ability to sell on our behalf.

We expect the person in this role to clear six figures in the first full year (i.e. 2013), which will be highly attainable if the individual is onboard by November 1st Compensations includes a solid base salary with benefits and other perks.

How to Apply

We are no longer accepting applications for this particular role. 

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