Press Tours

Walker Sands offers unparalleled expertise in executing successful press and analyst tours. We conduct tours in conjunction with the launch of a new company or new corporate strategy, new or major product announcements, and significant strategic alliances. We strongly believe that face-to-face meetings with journalists and analysts results in substantial increases in positive coverage of our clients.

What We Do For You

Some of the key press and analyst tour activities we assist with include:

  • Tour Planning. We plan the tour for you. We begin with a discussion of objectives for doing a tour and an evaluation of alternatives. In some cases, it may not make sense to do a tour because other options may be more cost-effective or because the news value of the announcement doesn't warrant a tour. In other cases, a tour may be the only way to accomplish your objectives. If we decide to pursue a tour, we determine dates and cities and we create an initial list of target contacts for meetings.
  • Scheduling Meetings. We leverage our long-standing relationships with the media and analyst communities to schedule meetings and ensure that your tour is successful. Journalists and analysts are exceptionally busy and it helps to have pre-existing relationships and a reputation for only presenting clients, products and news that warrant the time and attention of the media and analysts.
  • Tour Preparation. We work with you to create and perfect tour materials, including corporate presentations and scripted product demonstrations. We coach executives on presentation skills and we "practice, practice, practice" until everyone agrees that we are ready for show time. This includes not only walking through your presentation materials but also reviewing a long list of questions that we think you are likely to be asked and defining good answers to even the toughest questions. We also provide a briefing document on each editor you will meet with so that you understand their backgrounds and interests.
  • Conducting the Tour. We accompany you on the tour, introduce you to the editors, and provide feedback after each meeting to help you improve your messages and your delivery. Our goal is to gain maximum exposure for your new product and to position your company as an industry innovator.
  • Tour Follow-Up. We take detailed notes during your meetings and follow up on any questions that were not answered or additional information that was requested. We also call the journalists or analysts to get their feedback and ensure that they received and understood your key messages. We aggressively pursue coverage opportunities from the media and positive recommendations from the analysts.

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