Program Highlights

  • 70+ high value placements, many of which were features
  • Key placements in TechCrunch, Huffington Post, Computer World, Crain's Chicago Business, Chicago Sun-Times, Startup Beat, VentureBeat, PCWorld, Backline Review, Marketo's blog and other influential outlets
  • Critical exposure at CES 2013 and on G2 Crowd
  • Successful rollout of Personify's technology and the Personify Live Solution, elevation of the company's profile within the B2B and consumer technology industries 

Personify Video Conferencing PR

Personify Partners with Walker Sands to Bring First-of-Its-Kind Video Conferencing Solution to the Enterprise Technology Marketplace

Personify is a leading video conferencing and perceptual computing solutions firm with locations in both Champaign and Chicago, IL. Founded in 2009, the company is transforming the Web conferencing industry with immersive video and extraction solutions that seamlessly blend real-time video of the presenter with content, creating a more natural and engaging user experience.

The Problem

As first-of-its-kind technology, Personify solutions push the boundaries of Web conferencing and provide a truly innovative video experience, enabling presenters to interact with background content in the same way that “green screen” technology allows meteorologists to interact with weather maps and other backdrops.

Leading up to the rollout of its first product, Personify Live, the company needed a PR strategy that introduced both the brand and the technology to key audiences. Personify also needed to educate audiences about why the technology was an enhancement over traditional Web conferencing and video solutions.

The Solution

From the outset of the relationship, Walker Sands realized that Personify needed more than a typical PR product launch.

Walker Sands began by developing a carefully coordinated media list that targeted key verticals (e.g. sales and marketing, startup tech, entrepreneurs, small business, Chicago etc.) and performed extensive media outreach leading up to the launch of Personify Live. An important part of media outreach involved offering Sanjay Patel, Personify’s co-founder and CEO, and a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, for thought leadership on multiple topics including user extraction technology, perceptual computing and depth-sensing technology.

To further expand Personify’s reach, Walker Sands focused on opportunities to integrate the company into larger media conversations about macro-trends, including perceptual computing and user-extraction, which resulted in greater exposure for the brand. More importantly, engagement in these conversations helped educate the marketplace about the technology behind Personify’s solutions and its practical applications in the workplace.

"Personify Live is designed to allow its users to better communicate with gestures, eye contact and other human-to-human interactions - more like how the presentation would appear in real world, face-to-face meetings." - TechCrunch

Walker Sands set up dozens of demos with interested contacts in the startup, small business, and sales and marketing industries to let the users experience the technology first hand. This targeted, hands-on approach resulted in glowing reviews in Blackline Review and Marketo’s blog , among others.

Walker Sands also played a role in securing Personify’s involvement in high visibility online and offline opportunities, including:

  • CES 2013 – Walker Sands traveled to the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show with Personify to support the company’s inclusion as part of Intel’s perceptual computing initiative. Walker Sands prepared press kits, demoed the product to the media, created pre and post-event content and secured media placements
  • Enterprise Tech Presentation – The Walker Sands team arranged to have Personify participate in an influential Enterprise Tech meetup in Chicago, enabling the company to demo its product to entrepreneurs and enterprise technology professionals
  • G2 Crowd – By developing Personify’s profile on G2 Crowd, a business software and services review site, Walker Sands helped the company secure verified reviews from satisfied customers to elevate their profile in the business community. As a result, Personify earned a top spot in the Web conferencing industry on G2 Grid, ranking higher than industry heavyweights like Skype, GoToMeeting and WebEx

By leveraging a coordinated PR strategy across multiple fronts, Walker Sands was able to quickly integrate Personify into important technology conversations, improving the brand’s visibility and informing the marketplace about the advantages of the company’s disruptive technology solutions.

The Result

Walker Sands’ work in supporting the rollout of the Personify Live solution was extremely successful and paved the way for the brand’s emergence as an innovative leader among other Web conferencing solutions.

Over the course of the engagement, Walker Sands secured 70+ placements, a majority of which were features, as well as contributed content, blog posts and reviews by technology influencers. As a result of Walker Sands’ diversified approach, individuals who search for Personify or its products now have a wealth of information, resources and content at their disposal.

"This is not only a great idea it's also invaluable if you want to improve the quality of your presentations." - Network World

Since the start of the engagement, Personify has added John Deere and Google to its list of satisfied users.

”Personify already had exciting technology, noteworthy beta users and heavy-hitting investors,” said Andrew Cross, Account Director at Walker Sands. “The goal of our public relations campaign was to elevate the company and the CEO’s profile as well as develop a distinct brand that resonated with Personify’s key audiences including sales and marketing professionals and entrepreneurs.”

Key placements were secured in TechCrunch, Huffington Post, Computer World, Crain’s Chicago Business, Chicago Sun-Times, Startup Beat, VentureBeat, PCWorld, Blackline Review, Marketo’s blog and other outlets. A sampling of the coverage Walker Sands achieved for Personify includes:

Additionally, Walker Sands’ work led to nominations for an Edison Award and an ITA CityLights Award, further highlighting Personify’s position as a serious player in today’s Web and video conferencing scene.

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