Marketing & PR

At Walker Sands, we offer our clients public relations and marketing strategies that work together to optimize results. Recognized as one of Chicago’s top marketing firms, we expertly handle branding and positioning, new product launches, marketing design, and more. Additionally, our PR experience ranges from start-up apps, to software giants, to B2B companies, to many other cutting-edge industries. Walker Sands provides unified marketing and PR strategies customized to an organization’s needs, maximizing the return on these essential investments.

Walker Sands individualizes our PR and marketing strategies according to a client’s requirements. Whether you are creating an entirely new market, approaching an existing market for the first time, or enhancing your current markets, we have an experienced marketing team in place that’s right for you.

When these vital elements are in place, Walker Sands backs them up with the wide-ranging PR strategies needed to tell your story and get it to the audiences you need. Walker Sands PR reaches key audiences, identifying your company’s strengths and presenting them as a clear, jargon-free story. We effectively reach vital influencers in traditional, online, and social media. The market and the message operate together to ensure success. Walker Sands will show you how.

Careers at Walker Sands

At Walker Sands, our employees enjoy coming into the office each day. How do we know that? Because they tell us.

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