Kiley Ribordy

Media Relations Specialist

Kiley Ribordy, Walker Sands

As a media relations specialist at Walker Sands, Kiley works with the media to secure coverage for her B2B fintech clients. She conducts media outreach and coordination, creates longform content and establishes clients as industry thought leaders.

Before joining the Walker Sands team, Kiley worked for a nonprofit called The Central Illinois Youth Symphony where she wrote and distributed press releases, developed creative content and managed fundraisers and events. Kiley graduated summa cum laude from Bradley University with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and Spanish with a minor in marketing.

When Kiley isn’t at work, she can be found watching Friends reruns (for the thousandth time) or reading whichever book she currently has her hands on.

Q&A with Kiley Ribordy

What is your favorite book of all time?

It’s so hard to choose -- I have so many favorites! As of right now I’d have to say And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, because I’ve been on a mystery novels kick.

What is your favorite place in Chicago that isn't a typical tourist destination?

Other than the incredible museums here, I’d have to say Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder -- it’s a whole new kind of pizza, and it’s delicious.

Would you rather have the office stocked 24/7 with Starbucks coffee or Garrett popcorn?

Why have coffee when you can have cheese popcorn and caramel corn at the same time?

One thing people wouldn't know about you is:

I’ve always grown up with a ton of pets: dogs, cats, horses, birds, a ferret, bunnies, etc. The all-time high we had at one time was 24 -- that only includes one fish!

If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be?

London! I have family around Liverpool, and it’s such a beautiful city.

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