How Mobile App PR Leads to a Successful Launch

In recent years, mobile app PR has gained prominence as a must-have component of first-rate marketing and tech PR programs. With brands increasingly interested in identifying successful app launch strategies, exceptional PR for apps are in demand in today’s technology marketplace.

But although launching a mobile app is a high priority for many brands and businesses, few app providers have the ability and expertise to execute mobile app PR campaigns. In fact, very few PR agencies have the experience to successfully design and execute effective app launch strategies—even if they specialize in promoting other types of technology or tech services.

Understanding Mobile App PR

At Walker Sands, our experience in successfully launching mobile apps for technology clients has given us important insights about what it takes to deliver top-tier mobile app PR. We understand that there are a lot of reasons why PR for apps is unique, and learned why outcome-based mobile app PR continues to elude both brands and PR professionals.

For starters, there isn’t any single strategy that can be relied on to generate adequate buzz for an app launch. Instead, the best mobile app PR campaigns leverage a combination of strategies, designed to systemically build awareness about the app in the days and weeks prior to launch.

We’ve also learned that the worst mistake app providers can make is to rush an app to market. Part of the app PR strategy involves validation and testing to identify the actual demand for the app and to ensure that it functions properly when released.

But the most important part of mobile app PR may be the build-up. Unless the provider is able to generate sufficient interest for the app prior to launch, it’s unlikely that the marketplace will embrace it once it becomes available in app stores and other venues.

Mobile App PR Tips

It takes experience and a detailed understanding of the app marketplace to do mobile app PR the right way. But there are several tips brands and marketers can use to improve the effectiveness of their mobile app PR strategies and to increase the likelihood of a successful app launch.

  • Target early adopters. Early adopters are the ones who are most likely to get excited about your app and can generate enthusiasm for the app launch. When designing mobile app PR campaigns, you should identify reporters and media outlets that reach early adopters and can create buzz for your app.
  • Craft story angles for key audiences. Most apps have appeal for multiple key audiences. Rather than distributing the same message or story angle to all potential app users, good mobile app PR campaigns create customized story angles for each audience.
  • Build a strong online presence. In addition to creating a robust website for your app, mobile app PR should build an online presence capable of attracting a community of followers. By leveraging social media and other online channels, you can forge connections with multiple market segments and lay a strong foundation for the app launch.
  • Consider App Store optimization. On the digital side, it’s important to make sure your app is optimized for the app stores as well as search engines. The best mobile app PR providers excel in app store optimization techniques, ensuring that the app name and keywords raise the profile of the app among prospective users.

After spending months or even years developing their product, app providers have a tendency to become extremely excited about their apps. In many ways, the role of mobile app PR is to translate that enthusiasm into tangible benefits and find creative ways to communicate those benefits to the appropriate users in the app marketplace.