In today's electronics industry, you need more than a PR firm- you need an industry partner that knows how to tell your brand story in a way that brings more opportunities to your doorstep.

Electronics and Robotics PR and Marketing

Opportunity is the new buzzword in electronics and robotics. From home automation and the Internet of Things to machine learning and cloud computing, a wave of innovation is sweeping across both landscapes and creating new opportunities for brands.

But despite the pace of innovation, commoditization continues to be an issue. In the crowded electronics and robotics spaces, brands struggle to differentiate their products and accurately communicate the value they provide to consumers and B2B buyers.

At Walker Sands, we understand that your success isn't just about placing stories. The best way to tap into opportunities and stand apart from the crowd is a strong PR program that carves out a unique market position for your brand, your products, your people and your processes.

Walker Sands represented eyeSight as we launched a series of new consumer technology products in the U.S. market. The media results were remarkable.

-Liat Rostock, Marketing Director, eyeSight Technologies

Electronics and Robotics Client Experience

Electronics and Robotics Marketing & PR

At Walker Sands, we have the industry experience and digital expertise to help your brand craft and amplify stories that stand out in today's electronics and robotics industries.

Walker Sands' electronics and robotics team routinely works with electronics and robotics clients across a range of specializations, including:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Home automation
  • Industrial Automation
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Machine Learning
  • Manufacturing
  • OEMs
  • Product and Design engineering
  • Smart technology
  • Smart cities
  • Wearable technologies

With PR experience across the B2B and consumer sectors, we have frontline knowledge of both sides of the electronics and robotics industries. We frequently play a pivotal role in helping consumer electronics and robotics brands translate their offerings for the B2B space, and vice versa.

Walker Sands Knows Marketing for Electronics and Robotics

Walker Sands is a respected name in PR and digital marketing for electronics and robotics firms. In addition to our extensive portfolio of media relationships, we regularly participate in industry conversations at CES, EDS, Wearable Technology Conference, RoboBusiness and other gatherings.

Walker Sands' Electronics and Robotics Client Experience

Walker Sands is a trusted partner to some of the fastest growing brands in electronics and robotics. Our integrated marketing approach leverages a combination of results-focused PR, digital and content strategies to help our clients establish and expand their niches in the marketplace.

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Electronics and Robotics Media Outlets

Here are a few of the media outlets our clients are regularly featured in.

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