Eating in Chicago

The city is famous for its culinary traditions, from the Taste of Chicago to more unusual locations like the Wieners Circle. Here are a handful of up and coming Chicago food revolutionaries you don't want to miss:

  • FarmedHere: Almost every business is taking steps to become more local and sustainable, but few take it as seriously as FarmedHere. Equipped with an indoor vertical farm in Bedford Park, Farmed Here prepares its meals with organic, local, sustainably grown produce. While not a restaurant in itself, you can find FarmedHere produce in a variety of locations across Chicago, including Whole Foods and Mariano's.
  • Eastman Egg Company: Forget about a fast food breakfast, the Eastman Egg Company is making breakfast great again. Serving a variety of egg-based dishes in the Loop, the restaurant’s savory style will bring you back for more. Located both on Wacker and Ogilvie, the Eastman Egg Company serves breakfast and lunch every weekday until 4 p.m. As an added bonus, they also serve kegged ice coffee to kick start your summer mornings.
  • Protein Bar: With most food, you're forced to choose two between the criteria of healthy, tasty and quick. Protein Bar has made it their mission to resolve this dilemma by serving quickly-prepared, yet healthy and delicious food. Think of it as the trifecta of fast casual dining. Protein Bar boasts a vegetarian friendly menu with vegan and gluten-free options, accommodating all culinary tastes and needs. Protein Bar even features a loyalty app offering a nine percent discount.
  • Meatheads: Free of additives and fillers, Meatheads presents a family-centric take on the burger joint. Meatheads also prizes its community engagement, offering a variety of gift-card based programs to support fundraisers, sports and community volunteers. If you want more out of your restaurant experience than a bite to eat, consider stopping in a Meatheads restaurant.

Regardless of your taste or dietary preferences, Chicago has a restaurant for you. From pushing the envelope on local, sustainable fare to creating a community-centric dining experience, there's something for everyone in the Windy City.

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