Bridget Devine

Account Executive

Bridget Devine, Walker Sands

As an Account Executive, Bridget works with enterprise software and professional services clients. In her role, she crafts compelling and newsworthy story ideas to get her clients in the media, creates targeted media lists and coordinates interviews. 

She's scored placements in publications like Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company, and she’s developed relationships with key players in the media. 

Prior to joining Walker Sands, Bridget worked at Fetch Public Relations, where she worked to generate press for a variety of Chicago-based companies. She graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a major in advertising and public relations and a minor in English. At Loyola, Bridget was involved in the Public Relations Student Society of America.

In addition to her skills in the public relations arena, Bridget is a fan of everything reality TV. From The Real Housewives to The Bachelor, she’s watched it all.  


Q&A with Bridget Devine

Favorite Book?

Cathedral by Raymond Carver.

What TV or Movie characters best exemplifies you and why? 

Shosanna from Inglourious Bastards – she's smart and strong.

What is your favorite place in Chicago that isn't a typical tourist destination? 

There's a dog beach near Foster and Lake Shore Drive, and I like to go there and watch the dogs play in the lake. 

Would you rather have the office stocked 24/7 with Starbucks coffee or Garrett's popcorn? 


Funniest Walker Sands moment?

At the lip sync competition, our music wouldn't turn on, so I started singing Jingle Bell Rock (Mean Girls style) and everyone joined in. It was awesome.

One thing people wouldn't know about you? 

I make my own sushi. And I'm really good at it.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you live? 

Tahiti – I've never been there, but I have a feeling I would really like it.

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