Walker Sands Mobile Traffic Report : Nearly 1 in 3 Website Visits Come from Mobile Devices

Each quarter, the Walker Sands Digital team takes an in-depth look at the amount of Web traffic coming from mobile devices. The Q2 2013 study revealed that nearly one in three of all Website visits came from mobile devices, making it even more imperative for sites across industries to have mobile compatibility.

Consumers increasingly using mobile as a primary browsing device

From Q2 2012 to Q2 2013, the number of Web visits coming from mobile devices has increased 73 percent year-over-year, demonstrating a continuous rise in the amount of consumers browsing using a mobile device. Since the report started in 2011, this number is up 244 percent.

Apple leads mobile market share 

The study also looked at mobile traffic by device, showing that Apple maintains the lead in market share of mobile traffic, with 57 percent of total mobile traffic coming from iOS devices. While Android remains a strong competitor, its growth has been slower than Apples, resulting in a slight loss of market share for Q2 2012.

What does this mean for marketers?

Here’s Walker Sands’ director of web services John Fairley to discuss:

Discovering Your Website’s Mobile Traffic

Want to see how your website stacks up? For a step-by-step guide to determine your site’s mobile traffic, visit http://www.walkersandsdigital.com/How-To-Measure-Mobile-Website-Traffic

Walker Sands Quarterly Mobile Traffic Report

The Walker Sands Quarterly Mobile Traffic Report is compiled to determine significant web trends. The report is conducted by examining web analytics data across a wide range of B2B and B2C clients in multiple industries. For more information, please visit /quarterlymobiletraffic.

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