Google Shows Experminents in Digital Creativity

Google pulled together this presentation (Experminents in Digital Creativity) for Advertising Week in which they show off some very cool stuff that creative people have done using a variety of Google tools. Be prepared for a ton of YouTube usage, but mixed in are cool campaigns leveraging the Google Maps API and some new tools built for Android.

The presentation shows “87 cool things” so be prepared to waste your entire afternoon looking at the different things people have done. Everything from a website built entirely using YouTube to some cool stop motion videos to creating a piano out of the state of Ohio. Cutting edge stuff from some very creative people.

Check out the full presentation at:

Google Experiments in Digital Creativity

(h/t Adverblog)

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Good SEO Is Good for PR

Relationship Between SEO and PR
Learn about the
Relationship Between SEO and PR

I’ve been to a ton of conferences where
so-called experts discuss the relationship between SEO and PR.

Inevitably, they say things like “when you issue a press release, put it on your site first before you put it on the wire — that way you’ll avoid a duplicate content penalty” or “when you issue a press release, make sure that it’s laden with important key phrases and link to your site using those key phrases as anchor text.” Then there’s follow-on advice to make the most of social marketing and link to your press releases via your Twitter account, your Facebook page, etc.

OK, this isn’t bad advice. It’s actually good advice, but it’s definitely not the most important thing to know about SEO and PR.

Here is what you really need to know about SEO and PR.

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Five Keys to Pitching Blogs (from a Blogger)

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Today, many of the methods PR professionals have long relied on to pitch the media aren’t as effective as they once were, thanks to an industry that has dramatically changed over the last few years and that continues to evolve into unknown territory. In my last post I discussed how PR professionals must tailor the way they reach out to journalists as newsrooms are operating on fewer and fewer people, but there’s another major development that has changed the face of PR: the rise of blogging.

Soon after I began working in PR, I repeatedly started hearing that pitching bloggers required a different approach than pitching professional journalists. People said that in order to form relationships with bloggers, you had to work harder to gain their trust and prove that you genuinely had an interest in their work and that you were familiar with what they covered. It wasn’t until I began my own blog, though, that I realized just how true this was. I soon found myself being pitched many times per day and began developing a clearer understanding of what it was like to be on “the other side.”

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YouTube Strikes a Blow to Internet Explorer 6

ie6Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), from Microsoft, has been around for more than eight years. For most of its life, IE6 has been one of the most popular browsers used to access the web. That is, until Google’s YouTube announced in mid-July, that they would soon stop supporting the aging browser. Once IE6 users discovered that one of the most visited websites on the planet would no longer support their browser, usage of IE6 dropped like a rock.

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Importance of Your Web Page Title Tag

You could be an excellent writer but if you fail to drive traffic to your written page then the end result becomes pointless. The title of your page is the entry point to your site, much like the store front for your business. A poorly done store front can actually push people away from your business, and your page’s title can do the same if you aren’t careful.

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