The Demise of Publishing And Its Impact on PR

Demise of Print Media and Publishing Industry, Impact on PR Firms
Today’s Brainteaser: What Do Newspapers Have in Common With Dinosaurs?

The demise of publishing has been discussed ad nauseum. The underlying story, as you’ve heard time and time again, is that newspapers are dying, magazines are struggling, and the printed word is quickly going the way of the dinosaur.

So, here we sit at our Chicago PR firm, where a big part of our job is getting our clients mentioned in the newspaper and in magazines. Yikes!

The problem for PR firms, as you might surmise, is that the possibilities for getting a print placement are dwindling. Newspapers and magazines are folding, or getting drastically thin in short order (in a way that would be very unhealthy if it were a human losing weight so quickly).

What’s a PR firm to do in light of dwindling opportunities to secure PR placements in traditional print media? Here are five things we think make sense for us and PR folks everywhere:

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PRSA-Chicago Hosts Chapter Luncheon

PRSA Panel DiscussionI recently had the opportunity to attend the PRSA-Chicago Chapter Luncheon and hear several individuals in the PR industry talk about relevant issues for today’s practitioners. Topics included the current PR environment; predictions for 2010 through the lens of communicators; insights and innovative strategies agencies should provide clients; and how to maintain a forward-thinking attitude.

Among the panelists speaking at the event included Janet Cabot of Edelman, Ron Culp of Ketchum, Joel Curran of MS&L, Susan Howe of Weber Shandwick Chicago and Rich Jernstedt of Fleishman-Hillard. The moderator was Gary Weitman, Senior Vice President of Corporate Relations at Tribune Company.

As quite obviously evidenced with the closures and mergers of several news and trade publications (as well as layoffs experienced at many media outlets), the panelists talked of shrinking newsrooms leading the transformation of traditional media.

This quickly turned the conversation to social media.

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Why Not Using Mobile for Your Brand Spells Failure

Mobile Marketing Value ChainAt this morning’s BMA Chicago Social Media Roundtable Part 3, mobile marketing stole the show. It’s no doubt that mobile marketing is becoming a valuable tool, but I realized just how valuable and how important this space is to the future of marketing and engaging with your customers.

Ray Villares, from Symmetri Marketing Group, pointed out some interesting stats about mediums and marketing. In short, the marketing channels that are most successful are the channels that can take advantage of and leverage the intimacy of engagement. The more intimate the engagement between a brand and the consumer, the more successful that outreach will be.

Ray pointed out that broken down to pure hours of the day spent utilizing various channels, mobile is leading the charge for being the most intimate space to engage (followed, of course, by the personal computer).

His data showed that people are spending as much (if not more) as 15 hours per day on their mobile devices.

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Goodbye Cliff Freeman & Partners, Your Pop Culture Contributions Will Be Missed

Wendy the Snapple LadyIn catching up with my AdvertisingAge weekend reading I was saddened to see that Cliff Freeman & Partners was closing up shop. The agency gave life to a number of iconic campaigns such as Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?”, Little Caesar’s “Pizza, Pizza” and Wendy the Snapple lady.

I dove into the article to determine how a once proud agency could now be shutting down. Read on for my thoughts, but more importantly to check out videos of some of their best work.

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How Social Media is Changing Communication

Social media connecting consumersThere has been a lot of talk surrounding how social media is changing the way reporters gather information and seek sources, how the public absorbs information, and how it’s being incorporated into many everyday job descriptions — publicists and PR professionals being no exception. Some have even likened the advent of social media to the Industrial Revolution (though a bit exaggerated in my mind), bringing with it an era of change and progress. 

While it’s hard to tell exactly how social media will impact our culture down the road, one thing is certain: it’s a common thread connecting millions of people worldwide, and it’s changing how all of us communicate and connect with others around us.

Though it may not be news to you, you may wonder what social media really means for brands wishing to convey their message online. Here are six instances of how social media is changing the way we communicate.

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