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A strong web presence and brand awareness on the right platforms can be make or break for companies in a digital age. Walker Sands Digital offers demand generation services that drive awareness and impressive results for B2B technology and professional service companies.

Check out the Demand Generation at Walker Sands Video, to hear our VP of Digital Marketing John Fairley, and Senior Digital Account Executive Katie Donabedian, explain how our paid, social, SEO and content teams collaborate to create thoughtful SEO programs. Watch the video to learn how the team utilizes relationships formed with clients and B2B lead generation tactics to drive quality leads:

Adopting a good SEO program is half the challenge of generating quality leads. In conjunction with personalized programs, we create websites that align with our clients’ business goals. Through the strategic integration of cognitive UX, visual communication and content, our teams work creatively to deliver a user experience that is intuitive and optimized for conversions.

In the Websites at Walker Sands video, our Senior Director of Digital Marketing Matt Brown, and Design Lead Jillian Kent, discuss how we work together with open client communication to bring web projects to life.

Today’s digital landscape demands an effective digital lead generation program coupled with a compelling website. Talk to us about your business goals and learn how Walker Sands Digital can work with you to reach your B2B business goals.

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Creative Campaign Shines in the IT Industry

Make Tech Her Story Cover Image (1)At Walker Sands, we pride ourselves in our ability to infuse unexpected creativity into B2B brand driven campaigns. Last year we worked with a long-term client of ours, CompTIA, to launch one of the agency’s most interactive and social centric campaigns to date.

CompTIA, the nonprofit trade association for the tech industry, came to Walker Sands to help them address one of the largest issues in the IT space, the gender gap. CompTIA wanted to tackle this problem by bringing mainstream awareness to the tech industry’s chronic lack of diversity and position itself at the center of the change process.

CompTIA asked Walker Sands’ to come up with a campaign that would shine a light on why so few girls are pursuing careers in IT, looking beyond the popular myth that girls simply aren’t interested in technology. The end goal: capture the imagination of tech employers, tier-one media outlets and most importantly the up-and-coming generation of female tech professionals.

The team, lead by account director Annie Gudorf, kicked off the project with a review of existing research and quickly discovered the current data available lacked the scope and focus necessary to identify the real issues preventing girls from pursuing technology careers. Gudorf’s team worked laterally with other departments of the agency to create an integrated campaign that would catch the attention of both the media and their target audience, young girls.


The path was clear for understanding the people the campaign needed to reach. The team developed a comprehensive focus group approach of girls ages 10 to 17 to capture data that would be hard hitting with IT execs.

To focus the campaign, and drive home its message, the team centered the campaign on the cultural icon Rosie the Riveter. Birthed from the migration of women to the workplace in World War II, Rosie provided the perfect vehicle for connecting with the campaigns’ diverse audiences. This time around Rosie would be called on to take over the IT space, from developing cybersecurity solutions to creating mobile apps in the IT workplace.

In essence, the campaign used the Rosie icon as an entry point for telling the stories of women who’ve made their marks in tech and inviting a new generation of women to incorporate tech careers in their own stories, hence the campaign name and slogan “Make Tech Her Story.”

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 2.26.37 PMThe campaign centered around an interactive landing page that allowed visitors to build their own Rosie avatar from a diverse selection of attributes. The hub also housed a 30-page e-book based on the research and compelling documentary-style video with scenes from the focus groups and one-on-one interviews with girls.

Through gaining the support of industry influencers and an integrated communications strategy, the campaign garnered more than 600,000 social media impressions, 35,000 video views, 180+ media placements, including features in national media outlets like The Economist, Fast Company, Forbes, CIO, plus a host of other impressive metrics that can be found in the case study here.

Most importantly, the campaign connected with the individuals capable of making change happen by steering more women into IT careers.

Looking to infuse a little more creativity into your B2B strategy? We thrive on partnering with clients to creatively engage their B2B audiences to tell their story. Reach out to our creative services team to learn how we’d help to influence your brand’s influence.

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One Way Small Companies Beat Big Companies: By Telling It Like It Is

On a recent trip to Silicon Valley, while waiting in the lobby of Digital Garage to meet an old friend, Greg Kidd, I had the good fortune of meeting entrepreneur Patrick Levy Rosenthal, the CEO of Emoshape.

Based in New York, Emoshape makes a microchip that allows AI engines and robots to experience more than 64 trillion possible emotional states in real-time.

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