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5 Resolutions for Marketers in 2017

Emma Currens

When we approach planning with our clients for the new year, it’s usually about how we can help grow their companies. We discuss how we can target bigger audiences, execute on more creative campaigns and secure more media placements and leads than we did the prior year.

For marketers, a new year also means an opportunity to grow, learn new skills and refresh your marketing strategy. In the spirit of growth, here are five resolutions that should be on every marketer’s list in 2017:

  1. Track, measure, repeat. Accurate and consistent tracking are key for gauging the effectiveness of B2B marketing campaigns. Though it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle of a campaign, it’s important to make time to thoughtfully analyze how to move forward. By leveraging analytics, you’ll be able to ensure you’re targeting the right people with the right message while capturing some useful insights for future initiatives.
  2. Develop better content. Content was king in 2016, and the same will hold true for 2017. This year, marketers should ramp up their digital marketing efforts by integrating relevant SEO keywords into their content. To retain your brand’s status as a thought leader, create an editorial calendar to ensure you’re regularly publishing original content, newsletters and on social media.
  3. Attend industry webinars and conferences. Though conferences and workshops require travel and professional development budget, they provide marketers with valuable takeaways. Make a case for your presence at industry events, work it into your budget and make the most of every minute you’re there. Check out The CMO Club’s Spring Innovation Summit or the 2017 Marketo Marketing Nation Summit.
  4. Read a new marketing book. Between hectic work schedules and personal obligations, reading is something many people just don’t make time for. But setting aside some time each week to read a new marketing book can reinvigorate passion for your job, provide new knowledge and expose you to new industry research. “Hacking Marketing” by Scott Brinker and “Driving Demand: Transforming B2B Marketing to Meet the Needs of the Modern Buyer” by Carlos Hidalgo are two of our go-to books.
  5. Try new things and think big. To jump start the year, hold a brainstorming session with your team to think of ways you can inject more creativity into your marketing efforts. It’s easy to fall into the same routine of what’s worked in the past, but marketers can avoid this mentality in 2017 by making a daily effort to think more creatively and come up with out-of-the-box ideas for their companies. Technology can also help marketers streamline their efforts – freeing up time for more strategic efforts. With the influx of new marketing software and devices, it’s important that marketers are open to trying new things this year.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of the ways you can grow as a marketer, it’s a good place to start thinking about how you want to improve your department in 2017. Write your resolutions down in a spot you see often, and lean on your colleagues or friends to ensure you execute on your goals.

Marketers, what professional resolutions are on your list for 2017? Tweet us @WalkerSands!