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5 reasons preparing for swim suit season is like becoming a good media relations specialist

Erin Jordan

Coincidentally, as summer internships ramp up, so does bikini season. For all of you just starting out, here are a couple of tips to introduce you to media relations (in terms of bathing suit weather, of course):

1. You have to work at it for a while to get blog catthe results you’re looking for – Just as your first trip to the gym won’t provide you with the toned muscle and chiseled physique you've got in mind, it takes more than one or two attempts in media relations to get the results you’re looking for.

You need time to understand the market, scope out the right people and build the right relationships. Don’t get frustrated when your first (or fifteenth) pitch doesn't land a placement in the Wall Street Journal.

2. Consistency provides better results – For both, consistency and sticking to somewhat of a schedule will lead to better results. In media relations, outreach should happen more than once a month when you have big news – it should happen frequently and not always just to send a pitch. Building relationships with reporters before you need them can be essential tools in the success of future outreach.

Becoming attuned to frequent gym visits is important for helping integrate workouts as part of your schedule – and going three times a week is definitely better than once per month.

3. The goal is always in mind – Even when you’re not working (out) you’re working towards your goals – media relations professionals are often scoping the news for relevant stories, reporters who cover certain topics and other timely information even off of the clock. Just because you’re not at the gym doesn't mean you can eat an entire pizza.

4. You shouldn't stop just because you've reached your goals – Even though summer is over and you look better than ever, you should still continue to build muscle and stay consistent with your workouts. Just because you got that awesome article series in a major outlet doesn't mean your work is complete.

Media relations is about building relationships and building stories time and time again. It’s great to have a solid series, but what’s even better is having a continuous flow of coverage and a couple of reporters you can count on to cover the story.

5. Be willing to think outside the box – There’s always room to keep learning and adapting. You can never know everything there is to know – about anything. Just as times change, technology changes, processes change and people change. Staying open to learning possibilities inside and outside of the workplace is an essential part of media relations (and a healthy life). One of the best reporter relationships I've ever built was over Twitter. I never thought I’d be a runner, but someone taught me how to build up endurance and I love it more than ever.

Most importantly - no matter your goals (in the workplace and the gym), make sure to enjoy your summer!