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Link Building in Only 30 Minutes a Day

San Nayak

If your Web site is indexed with search engines but not driving enough organic traffic then it is time to build some back links. I hope you know the importance of backlinks, if not then read this article to familiarize yourself with the topic. If you wrote an online article then I anticipate you have optimized the page for its title, if not then make sure to read my previous post on importance of title tag to learn more about onpage SEO.

There are tons of ways to build backlinks but I will emphasize two factors, time and money. How much money and time should you invest in getting links to your website or web pages? The answers is very little. Do not spend more than 30 minutes a day and not even a DOLLAR to get those links. Here are 5 ways to build cheap, one way links that will not cost you a penny.

Do Follow Blogs

Have you heard of a term “Do-Follow”? There are some blogs who let you to comment with your name and url, later that url becomes a followed link using your name as the anchor text. There are websites, web pages that lists all the do-follow blogs so find them that are on your niche and participate by commenting to get a free followed link.

Tips: If you search then you can find some high PR sites like PR5 and PR6, they have some internal pages up to PR4. Your one comment can get you a PR4 link.

Top Commentators

top commentatorsThis is a common plugin used by many bloggers to incentivize their commentators. They normally list top 5 – 20 commentators with a followed link on all the pages of the site. Don’t get greedy, rather target some PR 3/4 websites as they are not that competitive to come in the list.

Tips: Search “top commentators” in google to find the bloggers that use the plug-in. If you know someone is frequently commenting in various sites then use backlink checkers to see who is linking where. That person is probably the top commentor everywhere.

Social Media Sites / Profile Links

Don’t worry if you can’t get a followed link from your profile page of twitter or digg, still there are lots of social media sites available who give a followed link from the profile page to your website.

Tips: Don’t simply create a profile and leave it like that, make sure you have commented somewhere in the website so that search engines find your page and you get some link love to your website.

Web Directories

At the 2007 Pubcon conference it was clearly mentioned by many experts that web directories are not having any real value other than Yahoo, DMOZ, Best of the Web, etc. Still there are some directories that typically don’t look like link farms rather they mix the site well with articles and have a dedicated directory section where you can add your website. Find them and list your site there.

Tips: Find directories that are giving followed links. Don’t forget to add your site to DMOZ, it is free and don’t worry for the time it takes to get you listed.


Forums are the great place to take a link back from the signature, at the same time you will get to learn a lot by participating in the discussion.

Tips: Make sure you are a member of a forum that is from your niche and gives a followed link from the signature.