3 SEO Tips for Alternative Payments Brands

Alternative payments is one of the fastest growing segments in the FinTech sector. According to some estimates, alternative payments, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, will account for half of all online payments by 2017, reducing online card payments down to just over 40 percent of all Web-based payments.

For alternative payment providers, the question isn’t whether the industry will grow, but whether they will be able to capture their share of additional revenue – and increasingly, that means finding ways to market your business through Google and other search engines.

SEO Advice for Alternative Payments Providers

Companies that provide alternative forms of payments and cryptocurrencies have strong messaging on their side. In general, these types of payments are simpler, safer and more global than traditional payments.

However, messaging about alternative payments and alternative payment technologies is ineffective unless it reaches the right audiences. With a carefully crafted SEO strategy in your corner, you can make it easy for granular audience segments to find relevant brand messages online.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • It’s about your audience(s). A robust SEO strategy requires a certain amount of technical and content marketing expertise. But ultimately, the most effective SEO initiatives are built on the needs of targeted audience segments in the alternative payments space. By creating SEO content that is relevant and useful for your audiences, you can increase the bottom line impact of your SEO investments.
  • Select target keywords carefully. Target keywords form the bridge between your brand’s messages and audiences. Your ability to choose the right keywords will determine how your content appears in search results and make sure that your message are visible to specific audience segments. When you work with Walker Sands, our PR teams work closely with in-house SEO experts to choose keywords that deliver search traffic and forge connections with the right audiences.
  • Writing quality counts. The days when you could throw together a quick SEO page stuffed with keywords and call it good are long gone. Increasingly, Google and other search engines are prioritizing high-quality content that is packed with compelling and relevant information for search audiences. These days, the number of keyword mentions is less important than the usefulness of the information the page contains.

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