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2011 PR Resolutions

Julie Walsh

About this time every year I put together my resolutions and goals for the coming year. I am a huge believer

in writing them down so you can hold yourself accountable and reflect on them throughout the year.  This year I decided to blog mine, that way you can all hold me accountable to my goals, and share yours too.

Here are my top 5 PR Resolutions for 2011 broken down into categories:

Writing -Improving my writing skills is at the top of my list. As communicators, it is important that we always work on our writing and grammar skills to ensure clear and consistent messages. To help me improve my writing and meet this goal I am going to dust off my AP Stylebook sitting on the corner of my desk and use this article on of the top 25 grammar mistakes, which is an excellent resource.

Resources- as a PR Professional, having resources like HARO are irreplaceable, but it is important that we use them correctly. I recently watched an interview with Peter Shankman, founder of HARO, where he gives great tips for pitching HARO’s. Among the most successful: keeping them short and responding right away. In 2011 I will be working on my HARO pitching and seeking out resources that help develop and become a better PR professional.

Social- In the last year alone Twitter grew by over 100 million users and has become a vital social resource for connecting with journalists and learning from other PR pros. In 2011 my resolution is to make time in my schedule to become a regular in one of the PR twitter chats. I recently just signed up for the #pr20chat community website which unveiled yesterday. If you’re on there, find me @JWalsh254 and let’s connect.

Reflection- I think reflection is the most over looked and forgotten step in any process; personal or professional. This time of year everyone is having their end of year meetings which provides a perfect opportunity for reflection. Reflection helps us learn from our mistakes and I find it especially useful in goal setting or creating my resolutions.  Reflection also is a perfect time to update your resume and social profiles when your projects and accomplishments are still at the top of your mind.  I plan to conduct regular reflections to keep me focused and challenged with my personal and professional goals; it’s easy to lose sight of them in our hectic schedules.

Relationships- As a young PR professional, I am just beginning developing relationships with journalists, PR professionals, and opinion leaders.  However, thanks to microblogs like Twitter, these people are more accessible than ever before.  In 2011 I hope to begin to develop these key relationships by attending more PRSA and other networking events.  If you have any suggestions of good events in the Chicagoland area, let me know.

So what are you resolutions and goals for 2011? Feel free to share them here or tweet at me @JWalsh254. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Happy Holidays!