Walker Sands

Meet Our Team

Our team members are our greatest asset.

Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients starts with our team of smart, capable PR experts. We come from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds that range from ex-journalists and former McKinsey consultants to in-house professionals for brands that include The Huffington Post, Tellabs, and Groupon.

As unique as we are individually, we share a mutual passion for technology and doing excellent work for our clients and partners. We pride ourselves on our strategic, integrated approach to public relations and the results it delivers.

Get to know your Walker Sands team below.

Executive Management

Mike Santoro, President/Principal

Mike Santoro


Ken Gaebler, Founder/Principal

Ken Gaebler


Ellen Hanson, Chief Operating Officer

Ellen Hanson

Chief Operating Officer

Corporate Team

Courtney Beasley, Business Development

Courtney Beasley


Will Barthel, Business Development

Will Barthel

Vice President of Business Development

Chicago Public Relations Team

Tim Morral, Senior Copywriter

Tim Morral

Senior Copywriter

Andrew Cross, Account Director

Andrew Cross

Account Director

Will Kruisbrink, Account Director

Will Kruisbrink

Account Director

Dave Parro, Account Director

Dave Parro

Account Director

Bobby Chilver, Account Executive

Bobby Chilver

Account Executive

Sarah Dietze, Account Executive

Sarah Dietze

Account Executive

Allison Dreiband, Senior Account Executive

Allison Dreiband

Senior Account Executive

Annie Gudorf, Account Executive

Annie Gudorf

Account Executive

Kelsey Gunderson, Account Executive

Kelsey Gunderson

Account Executive

Erin Jordan, Account Executive

Erin Jordan

Account Executive

Beth Kempton, Account Executive

Beth Kempton

Account Executive

Maggie Nichols, Media Relations Specialist

Maggie Nichols

Account Executive

Meghan Spork, Account Executive

Meghan Spork

Account Executive

Matilda Swartz, Account Executive

Matilda Swartz

Account Executive

Sasha Hayman, Senior Media Relations Specialist

Sasha Hayman

Senior Media Relations Specialist

Kaitlin Mansour, Senior Media Relations Specialist

Kaitlin Mansour

Senior Media Relations Specialist

Jennifer Mulligan, Senior Media Relations Specialist

Jennifer Mulligan

Senior Media Relations Specialist

Payal Shukla, Senior Media Relations Specialist

Payal Shukla

Senior Media Relations Specialist

Tyler Balkin, Media Relations Specialist

Tyler Balkin

Media Relations Specialist

Lauren Bogacz, Media Relations Specialist

Lauren Bogacz

Media Relations Specialist

Sarah Brandon, Media Relations Specialist

Sarah Brandon

Media Relations Specialist

Sydney DeLosh, Media Relations Specialist

Sydney DeLosh

Media Relations Specialist

Claire Deneen, Media Relations Specialist

Claire Deneen

Media Relations Specialist

Rachel Gulden, Media Relations Specialist

Rachel Gulden

Media Relations Specialist

Theresa Ianni, Media Relations Specialist

Theresa Ianni

Media Relations Specialist

Alex Mamach, Media Relations Specialist

Alex Mamach

Media Relations Specialist

Kate Nettenstrom, Media Relations Specialist

Kate Nettenstrom

Media Relations Specialist

Adam Miller, Senior Social Media Specialist

Adam Miller

Senior Social Media Specialist


Colleen Patterson

Social Media Specialist

Strategy Team

Digital Strategy Advisor

Prash Pokala

Strategy Advisor

Digital Strategy Advisor

Sunil Soman

Strategy Advisor

Chicago Web Design Team

John Fairley, Director of Web Services and Social Media

John Fairley

Director of Web Services and Social Media

San Nayak, Senior Programmer

Sanketa Nayak

Senior Programmer

Jillian Kent, Web Designer

Jillian Kent

Web Designer

Daniel Laloggia, Digital Marketing Manager

Daniel Laloggia

Digital Marketing Manager

Colleen Garvey, Interactive Marketing Specialist

Colleen Garvey

Interactive Marketing Specialist

Allison Lautz, Interactive Marketing Specialist

Allison Lautz

Interactive Marketing Specialist

Katie Donabedian, Digital Marketing Specialist

Katie Donabedian

Digital Marketing Specialist

Quinn Sharp, Digital Marketing Specialist

Quinn Sharp

Digital Marketing Specialist

Nate Ude, Interactive Media Developer

Nate Ude

Interactive Media Developer