Play in the big leagues with The Sandlot! 

We've cultivated a reputation for providing an amazing internship experience. If you want to learn something new every day, be able to act on your great ideas, and be responsible for real-world work that matters, you will love our internship program.

The Sandlot is designed to help aspiring PR, copywriters, graphic designers and digital marketing pros use their skills to knock it out of the park for our tech and B2B clients. So grab your peanuts and cracker jacks, and apply today to join our winning team of professionals!

Internships opportunities for Fall 2016 are now closed.  Don't worry, we will be hiring again soon for our Winter and Summer internships!  Check out the descriptions below to see what kind of positions we will be looking to fill:

Internship Timing and Application Schedule

The type and number of internships we offer each season can vary. The information below explains our typical schedules for Summer, Fall and Spring internships.

  • Summer Internships - We typically post available Summer internships in January. From there, we accept and screen applicants until April 1. By the end of April, and sometimes sooner, we have selected our applicants and no longer accept new applications. Summer interns join us in June and complete their internships by mid-August.
  • Fall Internships - Fall internships are posted in July and applications are accepted through the beginning of September. This is a paid position and interns can work full or part-time for 12 weeks in the Fall. 
  • Spring Internships - The Spring internships are posted in November. This 13-week, paid internship begins in January after winter break. Each intern works no more than 20 hours per week through mid-April.

Careers at Walker Sands

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