Special events can be an excellent tactical component of a communications program designed to draw attention to new products, new services, or other important company events. Walker Sands can assist with the planning, management, positioning, coordination, execution, and follow up required, all of which are necessary to conduct an effective and successful event.

What We Do For You

We offer comprehensive event services. We plan and position the event. We coordinate with the host site, audio/visual service providers, and caterers. We send out invitations, follow up with prospective attendees, and confirm attendance. We conduct spokesperson training, rehearsal, question and answer preparation, and presentation development.

We coordinate all activities at the event and pursue all necessary follow-up activities. Whether as standalone events or in conjunction with trade shows or user conferences, we work with you to make your press events successful.

Some of the events we can assist you with include:

  • Press and Analyst Events. A press or analyst event allows you to efficiently distribute your key messages to journalists and analysts, and, if done well, can generate a positive “buzz” and substantial coverage about your company and its news.
  • Seminars. Conducting a seminar can be an effective means of building strong relationships with customers, the press, and analysts. Often a seminar provides an environment in which not only are there formal presentations from management and customers but also in which attendees can informally talk to customers, partners, and management.
  • User Conferences. Bringing together your customers for a user conference can build strong loyalty and affinity to your company. Customers like to learn from their peers and from you about how to best use your products and what's coming down the pipeline. There is probably no better single opportunity to collect valuable feedback from your customers on a face-to-face basis and strengthen your relationship with them.
  • Contests and Competitions. Creating a contest or competition can achieve important business objectives for your company in an exciting an interesting way that is often, in and of itself, worthy of coverage. Rules concerning contests are complex and contests must be marketed and publicized well to be successful -- it helps to have an experienced partner like Walker Sands assisting you.
  • Sponsorships. Sponsoring local or national events brings extensive attention to your company and its brands. It creates goodwill in the attending community and gives you the opportunity to invite and host your customers, distributors, suppliers, investors, and other key stakeholders.
  • Outings. Your customers and employees may not sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” to you very often but they will definitely appreciate it when you do take them to a ballgame or any other interesting outing. Often, there is an opportunity for an executive to give an informal talk at such outings. We can assist you to choose appropriate outings and coordinate the details.

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