Crisis Management

It's a fact of life — bad news happens. When (and before) it does, crisis management PR firm works to proactively minimize or eliminate negative consequences, helping you to handle a wide variety of negative events, including lawsuits, community and governmental challenges, delayed product availability, product flaws, accidents and recalls, acquisitions, customer defections, labor relations issues, key executive attrition, and other potentially inflammatory issues.

What We Do For You

  • Crisis Management Training. We train your management team on basic crisis management techniques, including crisis management planning, identifying the real nature of a current crisis, methods intervening to minimize damage, and tips and techniques for recovering from a crisis.
  • Crisis Management Planning. We proactively plan for crisis management by forecasting potential crises that may occur at your company. We then put plans in place to deal with these possible crises.
  • Crisis Management Assistance. During a crisis, members of our crisis PR agency are by your side offering strategic counsel and assistance in handling the crisis. We repair any damage to your public image and assure stakeholders that recovery is underway.

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