Career Path at Walker Sands

The career path at Walker Sands is designed to provide our employees with numerous opportunities for promotion and ever-increasing levels of learning and responsibility.

Promotion is of course accompanied by increasing base salary and bonus compensation.

The track for public relations professionals, progressing from Administrative Assistant all the way to Principal, is listed below.

Of course, a Vice President need not start as an Account Coordinator and work their way up. We balance promoting from within with a desire to bring in fresh perspective from experienced hires who may have particular industry expertise, functional expertise, or the ability to attract and retain new clients. In the end, our organization structure is dictated first and foremost by what is best for our clients.

Notably, the track is not “up or out”. If you prefer to stay at a certain level within the company, we encourage you to do so. For example, an Administrative Assistant may have no desire at all to transition to a client service role. Similarly, a Vice President may determine that he or she is content to stay in his or her current position and not pursue the promotional track on to becoming a Principal.

There also is no set progression in terms of the number of years that it takes to reach certain levels at Walker Sands. We have some rough guidelines in place, but we value merit and performance over seniority. Exceptional client service, phenomenal mentoring of other employees, a gift for streamlining work processes, or the demonstrated ability to generate new business can result in rapid promotion within our organization.

Careers at Walker Sands

At Walker Sands, our employees enjoy coming into the office each day. How do we know that? Because they tell us.

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