Friday Five: 3/10 – 3/14


Thanks for joining us for Friday Five! Here are the top PR and tech stories for the week:

Obama will sit down with celebrities but not The Washington Post – Poynter

Last year, a Washington Post reporter said that President Obama may be the most newspaper-averse president in a generation. He’s not averse to Millennial-friendly tactics, however, as he sat down with Zach Galifianakis for a Funny or Die video. The website is now the top source of traffic to


Friday Five 3/3-3/7


Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news for the week:

Twilight of the Brands – The New Yorker

Are brands losing their power in the information age? We as consumers are overloaded with information, and as a result, we usually know what we’re looking for and how to find it, and ignore everything else in between. From the prevalence of customer reviews online to more discerning than ever consumers, this article brings up a number of questions that brands ought to be asking themselves. (more…)

How to Squeeze the Last Drop of Value from Your Content

B2B content marketing can be brutal. In the race to capture larger audience share and achieve important online objectives, brands are relying on content to deliver a competitive advantage. But with everyone playing the same game, most brands quickly find themselves struggling to keep pace with the marketplace, rather than leveraging content for real growth.


Here’s the problem: a successful content strategy hinges on your ability to consistently pump out large quantities of high quality content. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a marketing team bursting with top-notch content creators, that’s no easy task.

So for most B2B brands, the simple reality is that you need to make every piece of content your create count—and whenever possible, squeeze extra value out of the content you have already created.


Webinar Recap: 4 Ways to Better Engage with Industry Analysts

For startups and established companies alike, engaging with the Forresters and Gartners of the world can be challenging. Last week, Walker Sands President Mike Santoro and Spotlight Managing Partner Andrew Hsu, demystified the process for working with industry analysts. Their primary recommendation was to connect with analysts one-on-one. Learn which individual analyst covers your industry and connect with him or her to make their jobs easier and change the conversation about your company.

AR Webinar


5 Ways B2B Companies Can Benefit from LinkedIn’s New Publishing Platform

LinkedIn announced on Feb. 19 that its publishing platform will open up to all users. Until this point, it reserved the platform for a hand-picked group of 150 influencers, which eventually grew to 500.

Influencers ranged from Bill Gates to Mark Cuban, whose blog posts averaged over 20,000 views and became a currency for acquiring LinkedIn thought leadership.

linkedin blog

For now, the plan is to roll its publishing platform out slowly over the next few months before opening the feature worldwide. LinkedIn will match up blog posts to users who share similar interests to its topics.