Protecting Confidential Client Data

Encrypted Secure Enterprise Messaging for PR Agences

Most PR agencies trade in sensitive client information, with PR staff getting early access to new product announcements, IPO insights, executive comings and goings, crisis information and a host of other confidential client items.

At Walker Sands, our B2B tech PR agency and digital marketing firm, we take our confidentiality obligations very seriously. Accordingly, we are in the process of piloting NetSfere Secure Enterprise Messaging to ensure that any messages we send internally are fully encrypted and secure.


Friday Five: 2/16-2/20

By: Katie Beyer, Public Relations Intern

Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news from one of the coldest weeks of the year.

Apple Watch, Shmapple Watch — TechCrunch

On Monday, LG announced their plan to rival the Apple watch by announcing their new all-metal smartwatch. LG is calling their new watch a “classic timepiece” that will hopefully appeal to both sexes. With the promise of Apple releasing their highly anticipated smartwatch sometime in April, analysts anticipate the release of these two devices to kick start interest in the smartwatch sector.



Stop Trying to Make Culture Happen

Company culture is one of the most defining facets of a business. For example, everyone knows Google is famous for its creative work environments and nap pods in the office. When a company’s culture is great, its employees thrive in it and share what they love about their job with others.

Here at Walker Sands we’re all familiar with the concept of a great company culture. The most important facet of our culture, however, is that we don’t force it. Our culture has developed mostly organically with a bit of structure from management. For example, we have a number of different Kaizen groups that focus on anything from book clubs to getting a life outside the office. Employees voluntarily join Kaizen circles where their interests lie, having the opportunity to work with people across teams while sharing their strengths.

When a company culture is encouraged but also allowed to flourish on its own, it truly embraces the strengths and passions of its members. The approach isn’t one-size-fits-all, but here’s how we’ve encouraged the development of our own culture.

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New Walker Sands Study: Drones and Virtual Reality as a Solution for the Modern Retail Experience

Drones and virtual reality have been in the news a lot lately – especially with the FAA rulings grounding commercial deliveries via drone and Apple announcing a new patent for a virtual headset.

But are consumers interested in these technologies?  We surveyed more than 1,400 US consumers to find out as a part of our Walker Sands’ 2015 Future of Retail Study, and the answer is yes - they’re anxiously awaiting them and welcome their introduction to the shopping experience.

  • Two-thirds of consumers expect to receive their first drone-delivered package in the next five years and 36% expect it in the next two.
  • Virtual reality headsets aren’t far behind – with 65% of consumers interested in trying virtual reality shopping.

While consumers are already flocking online to make purchases – with 68% shopping online at least once per month – drone delivery and virtual reality may be the answer to some of the traditional barriers to online shopping.

Friday Five: 2/09-2/13

By Anna Shymanski, Public Relations Intern

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! Here’s a roundup of industry news from this week!

JetBlue Will Accept Apple Pay At 30,000 Feet – TechCrunch

If you find yourself craving a Bloody Mary on a morning flight without your go-to credit card, not to worry – JetBlue has officially become the first airline to accept Apple Pay in-flight. The Apple Pay option will be available on select flights come mid-February and all flights by June.