Google Maps Local Business Search Results: F Grade

Google Maps Local Business Search Results
Honk If Google Maps Local Business Search Results Drive You Crazy!

Google Maps is a very popular resource for finding local businesses, but the results can often be disappointing.

Take, for example, a recent search I did for “Chicago PR Firm” in Google Maps.

Two of the four results (B and D in the graphic below) that show up in the Google Maps search results are not even Chicago firms. One, Goda Advertising, is in Mundelein and one, going by PR Chicago, is in Inverness.

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Five Traits of Outstanding PR Hires


As the New Year approaches, many PR firms are planning to bring on new hires to help make 2010 successful. Ask any busy PR professional and they’ll likely tell you that life could be much easier with the help of an intern or entry-level employee who is hard working and ready to learn. These types of employees can be especially helpful in our industry, where at any given time there is a wide range of both big and small tasks to get done, from creating strategy and reporting documents to pitching, writing, managing social media sites and creating media databases. While it’s true that some new PR employees will always work out better than others, there are specific qualities that firms can look for in prospective hires to help ensure the decision to bring an individual into the organization will pay off.

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How to Thank a Journalist

Thank You Most people think saying ‘thank-you’ in return for a gift or other type of interaction in which you’re grateful, is a simple courtesy.

For the media, that’s not necessarily the case.

Thanking a journalist after an interview, or after they covered your client in the news, could actually be a negative thing. Many PR and corporate professionals believe it’s logical to offer thanks to someone who has taken the time to learn about their company and include them in a story. Reporters, on the other hand, will take a step back and tell you that they didn’t do you a favor, but reported on newsworthy information.

Reporters are supposed to be objective, so you should instead give them kudos in other ways.

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Service Firm Coupons

Professional Service Firm Coupons
Will Service Firm Coupons
Ever Go Mainstream?

We typically think of coupons as being something that you clip out of the Sunday newspaper to bring to the grocery store to get a discount.

However, coupons have gone mainstream of late, in large part due to the Web. For better or worse, many diligent shoppers won’t buy a product unless they first find a coupon that gives them a price break.

What about coupons for professional services firms? Will your lawyer or accountant soon be issuing coupons? Will your doctor offer a “Buy One Shot, Get One Free” special?

Unlikely, but you never know. For kicks, we thought we’d put a couple of coupons out there for PR services and see if we get any bites. It’s an experiment and nothing more.

So, if you need a PR firm, we’ve got a Chicago PR Firm Coupon at Google Maps, and a second Chicago PR Agency Coupon at SuperPages.

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How to Promote Videos Online

SEO Tools for Promoting Online Videos
Promoting Videos Online Requires
Use of the Best SEO Tools

A big part of being good at search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing is knowing what tools to use.

Sure, you have to understand the fundamentals, but knowing which marketing tools to use is what really gives you a leg up on the competition.

From time to time, my colleagues and I will write about some of the many promotional tools that we use at Walker Sands to help our clients achieve greatness. This week, I figured I’d talk about TubeMogul.

TubeMogul is a great tool for promoting online videos.

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