The 411 on Reprints, E-Prints and Article Permissions

When companies or individuals receive good press they usually can’t wait to share it with the world. Forreprintcartoon most this means obtaining hard copies of the article to distribute, or re-posting it to a Web site so they can easily make associates, friends and prospective clients aware of the coverage. However, many aren’t familiar with the various options available when it comes to sharing an article as well as the fees and copyright restrictions that go along with them. Anyone who receives press should understand the distinctions of reprints, e-prints, permissions and what portions of an article they can legally re-use at no charge.

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Walker Sands heads to PubCon 2009

PubCon is one of the premier web publishing and SEO conferences.  Four days of jam packed sessions (about 100) and networking events make this a must-attend event for professional web developers and marketers.

Covering Social Media, SEO, affiliate programs, SEM and more, PubCon has both width and depth in its coverage. 2009 is the 8th year of the conference. The conference’s maturity and top-notch industry speaker list shows it.

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Business Clichés and the Genocide of Effective Communication

Business CommunicationDramatic enough headline for you?  I digress…  Upon reading Lauren’s recent post on industry-specific phrases and their lack of ubiquity across industries, I, as a professional charged with ensuring effective communication for my clients, couldn’t help but take a broader look at the way we generally communicate in our working world.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that on any given day, in any given work-related situation, chances are you, and I, and everyone we know, regardless of field or position or geography, are probably subjected to the same mind-numbing business buzzwords we’ve been hearing for years.  I, of course, am talking about those clichéd corporate stand-by’s that slyly find their way into our everyday speech, adding nothing to the conversation and increasingly putting our mouths (and, by extension, our brains) on auto-pilot.  So I ask you to indulge me as I discuss (rant about, even) the business buzzwords and catch-phrases most prime to hit the lingo graveyard and what we can do to break the habit of using them.

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Waging a Battle of Sexes for Incredible Marketing Results

Whos Smarter Than How Trivial Pursuit ExperimentYesterday morning I popped onto Digg and saw the headline, “Hey, Guys, They’re Kicking Our Butts at Trivial Pursuit”. Full disclosure, I’m awesome at Trivial Pursuit (I think everyone believes this about themselves), so I took it personally that I was losing a competition that I didn’t even know I was in. As I read, it got worse – Team Man was being utterly dominated by Team Woman.

I instantly clicked through to score some points to defend my gender. And all the while the marketing team promoting the new edition of Trivial pursuit smiled at their results.

In anticipation of the new Trivial Pursuit Team edition, an interactive trivia website Who’s Smarter Than Who, was launched to test people’s skills in trivia. It’s publicized as a “Trivial Pursuit Experiment” and by asking you to represent your gender it’s launched a wave of publicity that offers a number of lessons in promotion via traditional media channels and social media.

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Want Your PR Pitch Read? Don’t Underestimate the Subject Line

inboxAny effective PR professional puts a great deal of thought into crafting the body of a pitch e-mail, making sure it’s informative, accurate and organized in a way that will grab the attention of the media and likely lead to coverage for clients. What many people don’t consider as carefully, though, is the e-mail subject line. This brief line of text introducing an e-mail might seem insignificant at first, but in reality it can be just as important – if not more important – than what’s inside.

The subject line is the first thing a contact sees in an e-mail pitch, making it an extremely powerful tool. It can cause a someone to form an instant opinion about you and your message before even clicking “open,” and can even prove the deciding factor in whether they’ll read the e-mail at all.

Here are some tips for creating subject lines that will help make sure your e-mail pitch is actually read and doesn’t wind up overlooked or sent directly to the trash folder.

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