Walker Sands Q1 2014 Mobile Traffic Report Shows Android Gains 10 Points on Apple Mobile Traffic Market Share

Walker Sands Digital takes a quarterly in-depth look at the amount of Web traffic coming from mobile devices, reporting growth and market share findings in its Mobile Traffic Report. The report revealed the amount of mobile traffic accounting for Web visits continues to rise year-over-year, up 133 percent since Q1 2012 and 31 percent since Q1 2013.

Daniel Laloggia, digital strategy manager at Walker Sands Digital, discusses implications for businesses:


Key takeaways for from the report include:

Mobile Traffic Sees Most Growth Between Q3 and Q4; Is Typically Flat from Q4 to Q1

Despite continued growth each year, the report showed flat growth for mobile traffic between Q4 and Q1 for the second consecutive year, demonstrating that strongest growth typically occurs in late Q4 and continues an upward trend through the next four quarters.

While it’s important for businesses to be prepared for SEO strategies year round, they should be prepared for the largest spike of continued growth around the holiday season.

Mobile Traffic Market Share Continues to Skew Towards Android

The report also revealed that market share of mobile traffic continues to skew towards Android devices, with Android gaining an additional 10 points on Apple this past quarter. Android mobile phone devices now account for half of all mobile phone traffic, while iOS traffic accounts for 48 percent.

Apple still leads mobile traffic market share for tablet devices, but is on the decline, while Android more than doubled its market share in the past quarter, up 140 percent.

Businesses need to be prepared with SEO and optimization strategies across devices, as the study reveals there will likely continue to be a shift in market share among major players in the mobile space.

Discovering Your Website’s Mobile Traffic

With mobile traffic at record-high levels, it is crucial to ensure your site is mobile friendly. To determine your own mobile traffic, visit the Walker Sands Step-by-Step Mobile Traffic Guide.

Walker Sands Quarterly Mobile Traffic Report

The Walker Sands Quarterly Mobile Traffic Report is compiled to determine significant Web trends. The report is conducted by examining Web analytics data across a wide range of B2B and B2C clients in multiple industries. For more information, visit Walker Sands’ Quarterly Mobile Traffic Report.

To view complete findings from the Q1 2014 Mobile Traffic Report, visit http://www.walkersandsdigital.com/Walker-Sands-Mobile-Traffic-Report-Q1-2014.

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While overall iOS traffic is up, its market share is down 4 percent from this time last year, presumably due to the rapid increase of other device’s traffic, as well as the introduction of additional devices into the marketplace.

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