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At Walker Sands we take a holistic approach when it comes to client services, taking care from the beginning to integrate the most viable channels to generate satisfactory results. We started off as a small group of people in 2001, and set our goals high to bring together advanced digital marketing and public relations.

Sixteen years later we’ve successfully infused digital marketing and content campaigns into creative public relations, resulting in an integrated triple threat marketing agency. And it works.

In this latest video from Walker Sands, Mike Santoro, president, and Ellen Hanson, COO, weigh in on how our unique services set us apart from other agencies. Mike explains how we integrate our two strong points, media relations and digital marketing, to effectively create powerful integrated campaigns to generate leads for our clients. In the video Ellen adds that it’s our curiosity for learning about the latest innovations in marketing technology that empowers our work.

From our humble beginnings, to the passion we instill into our work, this video gives a holistic depiction of how we work with our clients to provide the best digital marketing services possible.

Discover why Walker Sands works in the full video here.

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Walker Sands Shortlisted for Crain’s Best Places to Work in Chicago

We are humbled to announce Walker Sands has been shortlisted for Crain’s Best Places to Work in Chicago! We are honored to be recognized among some of Chicago’s best companies.

Untitled designThis is a testament to how we have maintained a great work culture despite rapid growth over the last several years.  In 2016, we expanded Walker Sands by adding 21 new employees to our Chicago team and venturing out West with a new office in San Francisco.

Through all this growth, we continue to recognize the importance of a work culture where people feel at home and comfortable, but also empowered to do great work for our clients. Whether our employees are duking it out in our annual Lip Sync competition or giving each other company-wide shoutouts in the weekly newsletter, they embody our core values every day: learn, support, do.

Crain’s Chicago will announce its top 25 best companies to work on Thursday, April 6.. The winners will then be unveiled publicly in the Best Places to Work editorial feature of Crain’s Chicago on April 10.

Interested in learning more about our award-winning work culture? Check out the current job opportunities at Walker Sands here.

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Walker Sands (W)interns Reflect on Internship Program

While I don’t think we can say winter is behind us here in Chicago, I can say that our winter interns have already completed half of their internship!  Read more to find out about their out their experiences thus far:

Kyle DavisKyle Davis (Graphic Design) – I moved to Chicago for my position as graphic design intern, and it has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. Not only is the city a great place to live, but Walker Sands has quickly become a comfortable and exciting place to spend my Monday through Friday. The people here are extremely welcoming and helpful, whether it be getting me up to speed on a project, helping me with agency protocol or giving me recommendations for the best restaurants in the city.

I have worked on a multitude of project in the past six weeks—in-house marketing collateral, website layout and design for our clients, event flyers—the list goes on. Each evening I feel as though I leave my desk with brand new knowledge about my profession, the company and the industry. Walker Sands is continually growing and it’s been inspiring to be surrounded by those pushing the company forward. I hope to continue strengthening my skills as a designer and further expanding my creative aptitude with the remainder of my internship.

Alexa OhmAlexa Ohm (PR) – My Walker Sands experience doesn’t feel like an internship because the culture and employees made this environment like home. I’m consistently encouraged to do only the best work for clients and that includes seeing my story ideas embraced by my team for pitches that later turned into client coverage. Collectively, the past six weeks focused mostly on the ins and outs of pitching and media relations. I also produced client content and researched tech trends both generally and respective to my clients’ industries.

To be honest, I cannot choose a “best” part of my internship because I enjoy all of it. Being an “intern” at Walker Sands is not “being an intern.” Here is means being an important part of a team. In the coming weeks I hope to learn more about different teams and work on collaborative projects that reach across teams to get a full view of what the agency offers clients. Overall, I love my experience and cannot wait to see what the next six weeks bring!

Alex JonkerAlex Jonker (Digital Content) – These past six weeks as the digital content intern have absolutely flown by, but in the best way possible. I genuinely enjoy coming into work each day and seeing what’s on my writing schedule. By far, my favorite part of Walker Sands is the culture of open communication and learning. These values are so strongly felt, not only in casual conversations, but in the various trainings and lunch & learns that I’ve attended. I have never worked in such a large agency that puts so much thought and care into the internship program. I think all the interns have learned so much, professionally and personally – and we are only halfway through.

I came into this experience with minimal SEO writing experience, but through the editing processes and coaching sessions I feel like I can now confidently add this skill to my resume. I’m excited to see how much more my writing can progress in the next six weeks.

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Walker Sands Wins Big with Second Annual Marketing Madness

IMG_1On Tuesday this week we gathered at Highline with Chicago’s top marketers for our second annual Marketing Madness event. Last year we tested this event as a new concept, blending networking and speed-dating, and it was so well received we had to bring it back for another round!

We tipped off the evening with our marketing MVPs to share in discussion on hot marketing topics and trends. The format ran much the same as last year: four tables, three topics, three rounds of 15 minute conversation.


Host, Adam Beason, leads conversations on current trends.

Our five knowledgable hosts made up an all star team:

Before our hosts could throw their first passes, we reached out to our event attendees to crowdsource speaking topics for the night. Over bites and sips our guests and hosts discussed the following topics and industry questions:

  • Current Trends: Are you currently doing any Account Based Marketing? If so, what are your tips to success? If not, do you plan on implementing any ABM strategies this year?
  • Demand Generation: What are a few creative strategies and tactics you’ve used to drive leads to your website?
  • Social Media: How do you measure the success of your social media campaigns? Which social media tactics are generating the best results? What are tips for maintaining brand personality across different social media platforms?

IMG_6 Through open dialogue style discussions, our guests and speakers left with great takeaways and new connections! For more pictures from the event, take a look at the Facebook album we put together.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and our hosts for facilitating an evening of smart conversations. If you’d like to join us at our next Walker Sands event, leave a comment below and we’ll add you to the list!

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Digital Tactics for Improving Short-term Lead Gen: Part 2

In his 1996 essay, Bill Gates famously declared, “Content is King,” Decades later, the phrase still rings true. Rich content – such as vendor selection guides, whitepapers and research reports – can help set your business apart from the competition. Not buying it? Take, for example, an e-book Walker Sands developed for Dotcom Distribution, a leading e-commerce logistics and fulfillment provider. In just six months, the e-book generated more than 2,360 pageviews along with 547 downloads, many of which represented new leads for the business.

The secret behind such results is putting the right piece of content in front of the right audience at the right time. That’s where an integrated digital marketing approach can make all the difference. From segmented keyword analysis to optimized landing pages, part 1 of our series highlighted a couple of digital tactics we use to help our clients target audiences at specific points in the sales cycle – and ultimately improve short-term revenue. Here are two additional tactics that can accomplish more of the same.


Have you ever visited a website only to see an ad from that particular brand pop up while browsing the internet later on in the day? That’s the beauty of remarketing. While you may wish to believe otherwise, not everyone who visits your website will convert. And that’s ok. Remarketing is all about reconnecting with mid-funnel prospects that have interacted with your brand at least once before. They know what your business does and how it can help them, so no need for introductions.

Leverage the power of remarketing to bring potential customers back into the fold and push them toward rich content that leads to a quick conversion. Since these prospects are in the middle of the sales cycle, you’ll want to provide information that leads to a purchase decision rather than focusing on pain points that are more relevant during the awareness phase.

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