[VIDEO] Why Walker Sands Works

At Walker Sands we take a holistic approach when it comes to client services, taking care from the beginning to integrate the most viable channels to generate satisfactory results. We started off as a small group of people in 2001, and set our goals high to bring together advanced digital marketing and public relations.

Sixteen years later we’ve successfully infused digital marketing and content campaigns into creative public relations, resulting in an integrated triple threat marketing agency. And it works.

In this latest video from Walker Sands, Mike Santoro, president, and Ellen Hanson, COO, weigh in on how our unique services set us apart from other agencies. Mike explains how we integrate our two strong points, media relations and digital marketing, to effectively create powerful integrated campaigns to generate leads for our clients. In the video Ellen adds that it’s our curiosity for learning about the latest innovations in marketing technology that empowers our work.

From our humble beginnings, to the passion we instill into our work, this video gives a holistic depiction of how we work with our clients to provide the best digital marketing services possible.

Discover why Walker Sands works in the full video here.

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Andrew Cross Partners with Lightswitch to Kick Off 4-Part Innovators Video Series

Video plays an important role in marketing, and has gained momentum in recent years. One scroll through Twitter and Facebook and it’s apparent that videos are resonating with consumers.

As a B2B marketing company, we understand the potential for success in videos for our clients. To reflect this, we’ve grown our video service offerings and partnered with outside parties, like Lightswitch, to bring the best in video technology and marketing into our agency.

To kick-off a four part video series with our video partner Lightswitch, Andrew Cross, VP of Public Relations, weighed in on the positive business implications we’ve witnessed with video on B2B marketing. In the first video of the series, Cross notes that more and more companies are investing in video content to tell their story and provide added value to prospects. Likewise, they see ROI in having owned video assets.

With video technology on the rise, we’ve made strategic moves to swiftly join the ranks of other agencies offering video services. Our comprehensive in house team works with clients every step of the way to create videos that share their stories and great work with the online world.

Take a look at our robust video content library here and find the first video in the four part series here. Stay tuned for the next three videos in the series!

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[VIDEO] The State of Marketing Technology 2017: A Brief Overview

A year ago, Walker Sands published the first State of Marketing Technology whitepaper, indicating that the industry’s evolution and adoption of new marketing technology was taking a full speed ahead approach. This year’s report found that the momentum has remained steady, and marketers show no signs of slowing down.

Walker Sands’ MarTech team conducts an annual survey to over 300 marketers; analyzing their actions and and attitudes towards making technology purchase decisions. Each year, the findings are compiled into a white paper. This year’s study is titled Walker Sands State of Marketing Technology 2017 Closing the Gap Between Martech Innovation and Adoption. In the video our martech thought leaders discuss how marketers are eager to embrace best-of-breed solutions rather than single-vendor suites, and give predictions for the year ahead.

Watch the video to learn more about our findings in the 2017 State of Marketing Technology study.


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Walker Sands Wins at the 20th Annual Videographer Awards

The last few years have been full of substantial growth at Walker Sands. We’ve seen our walls expand with two office additions and space become sparse in the refrigerators. But with all the growing pains comes the addition of new brains filled with incredible talent. And this year, we hired our first in-house video producer to create new engaging content for internal use and client services.

We wanted to see how our videos were stacking up in the marketplace, so we entered in the 20th annual Videographer Awards. The verdict? We won!

We achieved an Award of Excellence for our Creative Agency Video, which highlighted the items necessary to our creative cognisance. This video was also highlighted on the homepage of the Videographer Awards! Check out the needed ingredients for our day to day here:

Our second award was for The CompTIA Social Experiment Case Study Video which exhibited our ability to tell a good case study story. We dropped 200 USB sticks in cities across America to see how many people would pick them up and plug them in. The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals awarded it an Award of Distinction! Check it out:

Congrats to our video team for some well deserved recognition on two of our great videos.  Check out more of our creative video content here.

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[VIDEO] The State of Marketing Technology 2016: A Brief Overview

Today’s fast paced digital world sets the bar high for marketers. At any given moment, the landscape and technology can change. Now more than ever, marketers have to make thoughtful decisions when it comes to the right technology for their company.

The Walker Sands MarTech practice conducts an annual survey to 300+ marketers; inquiring on their behavior and the steps they take when making technology purchase decisions. The findings are analyzed and published annually in a white paper. This year’s study is titled Walker Sands State of Marketing Technology 2016 Understanding the New Martech Buyer Journey. In the video our MarTech thought leaders discuss how to sell B2B Marketing Technology and provide insight into the buyer journey of marketers of all levels.

Watch the video to learn more about our findings in the 2016 State of Marketing Technology study.

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