Walker Sands Hosts Second Annual City Wide Scavenger Hunt

I love scavenger hunts. I love organizing them, I love participating in them and what I love most of all is when a bunch of Walker Sands employees get together and enjoy one.

Scavenger hunts are great for many reasons. They’re a fun way to inspire a little competitive spirit. They shake up the office and help employees get to know team members they might not work with on a daily basis. And they introduce people to the hidden side of Chicago, a city that is certainly worth exploring.

This year’s company scavenger hunt took our teams to places like Fulton Market, the Loop, the beach, Lincoln Park and more! The day ended at our downtown office, where teams enjoyed a hotdog truck and refreshments while I tallied the scores. Team Nope came away with the win, but I’d say everyone was a winner because they all got to participate in a scavenger hunt. Did I mention I really love scavenger hunts?

Here are a few of our favorite challenges from the event:

Build a sandcastle at the beach


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Walker Sands Digital Delivers According to Research Firm Clutch


We’re pleased to announce that Clutch, a DC-based research firm, has named Walker Sands Digital among the leading San Francisco Digital Marketing Agencies and the leading San Francisco SEO services firms.

Clutch reviews hundreds of agencies in the digital marketing space and selects those to profile on its web site based on their ability to meet client needs. Their selections are driven not only by companies’ past experience and market presence but, most importantly, by what these companies’ customers have to say about them!

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Top 5 Social Media Management Tools for B2B Tech Companies

Having a social media presence is almost imperative for businesses today – when used to its full potential, it can be a powerful, effective way to increase traffic to your website and ultimately generate leads. But managing every social channel can quickly become challenging and even overwhelming. Luckily, there are many great tools out there to help manage, track and report on your company’s social media efforts. Here are the top five tools I use at Walker Sands:

1. Sprout Social – This powerful social media management tool does more than just help you schedule your messages. Sprout has “smart inbox” that allows you to see and actively manage all the messages coming to you across your channels. This allows you to see incoming messages quickly, and be able to respond and engage in a timely manner. Sprout also offers integrated reports that allow you to see what days of the week your audience is most active on your pages and more.

2. Buzzsumo – This is actually a new tool I have been using recently, but I love it so far. Simply put, Buzzsumo is a content generator site, but it does more than just aggregate valuable content. Buzzsumo will pull the top content (articles,videos,infographics,etc.) on any search topic and show you how this content is ding on multiple social channels. This allows you, as a social media manager, to see what content is or has been trending, or what hasn’t quite trended yet, putting you ahead of the game.

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Friday Five: 2/22 – 2/26

Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of this week’s industry news:

Samsung Announces Gear 360, a New Virtual Reality CameraNew York Times

Samsung announced this week at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain that it will launch Gear 360, a camera designed to record virtual reality videos. This innovation along with two other Galaxy smartphones presented at the conference will complement the Gear VR, which serves as a virtual reality headset and works exclusively with Samsung phones. With a camera on both the front and back of the Gear 360, the device allows users to capture their entire surroundings and share an experience in virtual reality. The new phones are expected to hit the U.S. market on March 11. The camera will be released later this year as well, though pricing information is not yet available.

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The Six Pillars of Persuasion: B2B Marketing Applications in the Digital Age

Hate to call it what it is as we might, marketing is the profession of persuasion. While some are born salesmen, convincing you to buy ten things you don’t need and donate ten things you can’t afford to lose before you realize, others may need a little more prepping to do so.

Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D., a professor and national bestselling author of what many recognize to be the bible of marketing, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, has six tactics that achieve “a distinct kind of automatic, mindless compliance from people, that is, a willingness to say yes without thinking first.”

These six “weapons of influence” make up the perfect formula for a well-rounded marketing approach to reaching any business’s prospective customers/clients. Below is an application example for each, sure to drive optimal marketing results in today’s growingly digital age of business-to-business relations.

  1. Commitment and Consistency — A consistent level of commitment to customer success and satisfaction with your business, especially as the industry shifts its services and associated relational expectations from offline to online, is vital for retention purposes.What are some ways to do this? Bridge the gap left by that regular in-person interaction no longer being had with a CRM system that has a holistic set of insights into the customer’s needs. Also instill an intuitive digital marketing program that hits them with what they want, custom to the customer’s specific, changing needs.
  2. Reciprocation — Want help in getting the word out around your business’s current initiatives? So does everyone else. Help yourselves by first helping them, and karma will work its way back around– follow and retweet/repost companies, individual professionals and clients in your own network. The rule of reciprocity will work in your favor to amplify your own voice and reach as a company in return.
  3. Social Proof — Evidence that the phrase, “well everyone else is doing it,” is very effective in its nature. Being able to prove that a trend is growing in the direction that points to the need for your business or services goes far in influencing your target prospects to then convert them into leads.A great tactic for marketers to achieve this effect is to conduct a data study where they survey businesses or consumers to prove the value in their business model. This can then be marketed on the web to prospects that have either visited your company’s website before with PPC (pay-per-click) remarketing ads or pushed out onto target websites where you know your prospects frequently visit, such as target trade publications.
  4. Authority — Show them you know what you are talking about and that you are the expert of all industry experts to be trusted in your field. In posing your company’s executives as thought leaders, both in the space your business practices, and in the specific roles they hold– the most forward-thinking CIO across the industries– your company can quickly elevate its credibility.
  5. Liking — Being well-liked, or at least well-received, really does go a long way. This is why the businesses that have the most personality are a favorite by the majority. And since being well-liked translates to being more naturally trusted, demonstrating an attractive personality is a characteristic a business will want to aspire to.How can this be accomplished, one will ask? B2B firms will want to skip the mascot, but have a distinct brand with an aesthetically pleasing logo, clean, user-friendly website, an approachable executive suite, and a charismatic voice that is used consistently across all channels.
  6. Scarcity — The idea of “available for a limited time,” is a common marketing tactic for a reason. The fear of missing out, FOMO if you will, is real– especially when it comes to missing out on opportunity to grow your business. So as B2B firms market their products or services to other businesses, it is smart for them to emphasize that if these other businesses don’t act now, the window of opportunity will close for them to benefit as fully as their competitors.In retail, for example, there is this quiet, time-sensitive race to win over more customers of the pot as an increasing number of retailers see the value of investing in retail technology that better serves their customers–especially those who shop online. The ones who realize this faster will be the ones that best succeed in doing so.

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