Friday Five: 8/21-8/28

TGIF! Here’s a round-up of industry news for the week.

Study: 42% Of Americans Check Their Email In The Loo – TechCrunch

The headline is pretty self-explanatory, but here are the details: a new study from Adobe that uncovered a variety of trends in email usage was published on Wednesday. Though most of the results weren’t that surprising (Ninety-one percent of respondents said they check email at work, for example). What was surprising was the millennial’s take on email. Despite all the messaging apps and services available, millennials check their email more than other age groups.

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Friday Five: 8/17-8/21

It’s warm outside and the sun is shining—here’s this week’s tech and PR roundup

Spotify Clarifies Exactly How it Will Use Your Information After Privacy Kerfuffle – Gizmodo

SORRY! Say it with a blog post, Spotify. Last week, the music streaming giant tried to incorporate creeping into their new privacy policy update. As in, they tried to ask permission to do everything from tracking your location to peaking at your photos. Spotify chieftain Daniel Elk apologized in his blog post, titled “SORRY!”, saying they should have done a better job communicating that they didn’t actually want to creep on your #tbts and find out where you’re having dinner. Many of the new features are opt in, and any of them you don’t like, you can easily opt out of—just like most normal apps. TLDR: don’t freak out, they are sorry and promise not to do it again.

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Friday Five: 8/10-8/14

You might want to take a seat. This week’s biggest tech news…Starts. Right. Now.

Google to Reorganize Into New Company Called ‘Alphabet’ – Entrepreneur

A B C D E F G…. Google will sell more things to me’. Could this be the lettering system that kids everywhere learn one day? Probably not. But big coverage is going the way of Google Inc.’s new umbrella company, Alphabet Inc. The additional unit, which will be headed by Google co-founder and current CEO, Larry Page, will help Google be better at being Google. Alphabet will house Google’s more eccentric ventures (e.g. ‘Life Sciences’), and each business within Alphabet will have its own CEO. In Google’s continued efforts to own, well everything, this new company distribution should drive exciting and innovate product development.

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Walker Sands Hosts Panel to Discuss Digital Ecosystem at Catapult

Since teaming up with Catapult, a tech incubator in Chicago, we’ve hosted events and happy hours at their River North location to help inform and unite those immersed in the tech startup community. In this time, we’ve connected with some of Chicago’s brightest innovators, and through our frequent gatherings, passed on the tactics we value for success in the industry.


In July, we hosted a panel discussion on the Digital Ecosystem, our approach to the evolving digital marketing landscape. Our president, Mike Santoro, was joined by the cross-functional power team of John Fairley, Allison Dreiband and Andrew Cross. The team worked together to explain and answer questions on our approach to the union of PR and digital marketing.

From the panel came three main discussions: 1) creating the right strategy to craft content that converts 2) where to keep that content and 3) how to get the most from available channels.

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Friday Five: 8/3 – 8/7

Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news for the week.

This is the Twitter data from last night’s GOP debate you are not supposed to pay attention to this morning – Washington Post

Do we even need further explanation after that very detailed headline? Despite Twitter’s repertoire for recording event happenings in real time, many suggest that debate tweets might not actually measure anything meaningful. Though tweet numbers might not match that of polls, Twitter still holds the insight of the everyday, unsolicited American who tuned into the debate, making it worthy of a glance or two.

The Days of Squinting at Laptops in the Sun Are Almost Over – WIRED

Summer is in full swing, but dim laptop screens make taking work outside nearly impossible. Though an official solution hasn’t been launched yet, several new forms of technology are in the works that will let us say “goodbye” to squinty eyes: displays that use a wider color gamut to boost contrast, slightly curved screens that eliminate side reflections and new anti-reflective screen coatings based on the properties of a moth’s eyes (say what?).



Photo courtesy of WIRED


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